A Sneak Peak at the Movie Trailer Industry

Do you know that some advertising firms can spend a year working on a single set of trailers? Vice News takes us behind the curtain.

Trailer editing is a sought after job for film editors, and you can see why. Right now, A-list movie trailers are some of YouTube’s most watched content. “Infinity Wars” tops the list, getting over 200 million views. It’s important work, and if a studio is putting serious money on the line they ought to get serious talent behind their trailer.

What you might find interesting is that the studios don’t usually make the trailers. This is done by creative agencies, who in turn have a dedicated team to take care of the process. Perhaps they even have composers to create a custom score. This mini-doc does a smashing job of showing that scale. In fact, I wish it was 20 minutes longer.

While a three-act structure is considered the norm, I think it’s worth discerning what’s different and what’s a trope. Mark Woollen was essential in cutting together a trailer for “The Social Network,” which pulls drama from a dramatic cover of the song “Creep.” However, he explains to Vice that the technique has been overused.

So when gimmicks die fast, and trailers are getting more attention, what will be the next trend?

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