A Start to Finish Edit of This Beautiful Toyota Supra Image

One of the greatest merits of YouTube for photographers is being able to watch people edit their images from start to finish. This walkthrough is a superb example of that.

As an obsessed petrol-head, any time I see a combination of photography and cars, I'm going to be clicking it. This video by Mo Zainal was a quicker click than most for me. Zainal does a lot of commercial grade automotive photography and many of his best images have full walkthroughs of the editing process on his channel. If you're interested in getting into shooting cars, this sort of resource is invaluable.

As far as edits go, this one isn't quite as drastic as many car photographs you will see. Typically with shots of high-end cars, there's a lot of editing out of rigs, clutter, and distracting surroundings. This shot by Zainal started life as minimalist to begin with and the editing phase plays to that strength.

Do you shoot cars? Share your images in the comment section below.

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Robert Montgomery's picture

I like the lighting and minimalist approach to the post. As a petrol head all my life, too bad it's more BMW than Toyota . Shoot car shots all the time on film. Usually Black and White. Medium format 645 with 45mm wide angle. .Caffeine and Octane is 4 miles from the front door

Chad Andreo's picture

BMW was also involved with the previous generation supra.

Robert Montgomery's picture

Didn't know that. Thanks

Trushar Patel's picture

Im going to very much disagree with your comment here. Toyota had a huge amount of input in the design and it is a modern iteration of the 2JZ as far as emission laws will allow. It only takes a quick youtube search to confirm how strong the engine is, there is a 1000hp rebuild on youtube and with a simple map 400+hp is easily doable.

If I was Toyota, i'd also put my faith in the best inline 6 manufacturer of the last 2 decades, tooling for a new engine for a niche car is impossible these days, by combining forces, we got a car that doesnt cost 6 figures and is still very much a drivers car. Toyota also got infotainment system and driving dynamics as part of the deal, so its a win in more ways than one.

Robert Montgomery's picture

1. Its my opinion I did not disparage Toyota or BMW. You are free to have yours.
2. I believe you tube just about as far as I can throw it.
3. If I had the money, I would turn a 1952 Mercury Zepher into a Lead Sled. Complete with hula dancer on dash, and flame throwers out the back.

Don Althaus's picture

If this photo was shot to show off editing skills or serve as the basis of a tutorial, that's one thing. If it was shot as a photo of the car it is certainly wanting.

Smitter Jordan's picture

I am a fellow car photographer and would love to know what you think is wanting. I am curious to know your specifics so i can better edit my car shots

Alex Herbert's picture

*BMW Supra

Maksims Ter-Oganesovs's picture

BMW Supra is really nice car! And I like, how you edit these shots. Cool!