Watch as 3-year-old "Action Movie Kid" Fends Off a Shark Attack in His Living Room

If you're into video effects (and are half the Calvin and Hobbes fan that I am) then you're really going to dig this fun, lighthearted, imagination fueled video created by Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto. As part of Daniel's absolutely amazing personal project, "Action Movie Kid", son James repels the vicious advances of a great white shark, in an effort to save younger sister Sophia. Daniel promises us a proper behind-the-scenes video in the future but in the mean time offers up a great side-by-side video showing the before-and-after.

Action Movie Kid is back, and he's jumping the shark. Literally. Watch him battle this pesky living room shark, then hop on over to Convos with my 2-Year-Old to see more Shark PlaytimeWe had a great time collaborating with Matt and David from Convos with my 2-Year-Old, classy gents! Be sure to binge watch their entire series right now. A big thanks to Jabari Phillips, who did the additional camera work needed for this epic adventure, and Miss Devin for being awesome.

via [LaughingSquid]

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Anonymous's picture

Amazing! Great interacting by James.Should have a rating for ages allowed to watch on this one.

michael buehrle's picture

cool yes but if our dad worked at dreamworks we would all have cool stuff like this.