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What Happens When You Mix A High Speed Camera And A High Speed Robot?

Awesome is what happens. We have all seen the yummy slow motion footage that comes out of cameras like the Phantom, but what the Bolt High Speed Cinebot has done is integrate a precise (and repeatable) movement into those images. Imagine a giant robotic arm with a camera on the end, and you at the controls.

In this behind the scenes montage video, you will get to see the Cinebot in action, as well as the resulting clips. Everything just happens so fast, the amount of details captured in those fractions of a second are incredible.

Below is another video, full of just final clips from this rig.

And lastly, here is an example of a couple og recent ads where this was used:

[via nofilmschool]

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Filip Kowalkowski's picture

ok, that was amazing...simply wow (the Joann D'Arc image...whoah!)

Anonymous's picture

Cool article and I have been wondering how they did these commercials. You might want to mark this one as NSFW as the second video on the page has a brief topless shot. Not a big deal to me, but I wouldn't want someone to get in trouble at work.

Bryan Dockett's picture

That was pretty damn awesome! Thanks for posting

Nick Mahar's picture

Awesome article, the only thing about the beats commercial is not all of it was done with the bolt. My friend kate shot some of those and they did it on stedicam.

Howard Lee's picture

i like where we're headed :)

Dr. Dominik Muench's picture

these "robots" are called motion control rigs and are fairly standard these days for any sort of VFX work, although mostly used on feature films due to their high rental and operating costs. Basically because the camera movement is repeatable over and over to precisely the same scale, the footage can be layered and copied and duplicated and all sorts of funky stuff can be done with it. I think Kylie Minogue used it as one of the first for a music video, the one where she walks along a street and multiplies several times.

Christian Döring's picture

That's really great stuff! I found couple of years ago a group from Germany who use a similar setup for product videos. The funny thing is that you actually know most of the commercials, if you ever been to Germany. :)

Pierre Vauvillier's picture

This is incredible. Can't wait to see what the most creative people of our age will manage to come up with thanks to this technology.

Stepan Maxa's picture

Another company with industrial robots - Bot & Dolly. And I think they are the best

Nick Cosky's picture

That behind the scenes video is NSFW but only because it forced me to audibly say holy shit while I was wearing my headphones. Awesome stuff. Need to win the lottery and buy a couple of those!

Kyle Ford's picture

Not sure how I missed this, but this rules.