Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Interview On The Most Popular Camera Of All Time

Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Interview On The Most Popular Camera Of All Time

Anyone who happened to see me speak at Photo Plus this year knows that I am obsessed with both photography and business. I love learning from those who have been big successes in any field because the idea of building something in general is so exciting to me. This 60 minutes interview with Nick Woodman, the creator of the GoPro Camera is the most inspiring video I've seen in years.

I've had failures in my life just like everyone else but I have never lost "millions of dollars of other people's money." The fact that Nick was able to bounce back from something like that and create the most popular camera of all time in just a few years is incredible. Nick could have never guessed that his simple waterproof camera idea was going to end up outselling every other camera in the world. He simply had an idea for something that would fix an issue in his life which at the time was centered around surfing. Nothing is too big, you simply have to take one step at a time and if your product is good, success will follow.

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Amazing story... amazing product!

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I love that this is the most inspiring thing I've seen in a month and it only has one comment!

Shame it works like that sometimes. It used to bother me but now I know that what makes something unique, is that not everyone knows about it or understands it.

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Well said, my friend!

Could be that unless you're in the US, you can't watch it...

that fact that he used stoke made my day. and the fact that you can see the passion he has all over his work

Does anyone know the model drone used in the 60 minutes vid? I'm looking for an affordable, dependable multi-copter for use with the GoPro.

The white one is a Phantom

A shame people in Australia cannot watch this video due to broadcastng rights :-(

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There is an internationally viewable version of the vid available on youtube...

Truly inspirational!!!!

What will be the next big thing after the GoPro???????

Note to self: Buy GoPro.

Also, the video can be viewed in Spain.

I can't watch the video in Canada ? C'mon buddy !!!!!

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Can'T watch from Canada...

The business story behind GoPro - corrected for accuracy.

See something new and innovative in the market, copy the basic idea - but package in an inferior way and remove features to save cost.

Sell at same price, but pay retailers/salespeople bonuses for selling each unit to "buy" market share.

A year later - they are the known brand name - while having an inferior product.

Invest those new cash piles into brilliant marketing and R&D - and finally come out with a product worthy of the market position.

Drive the company you copied the concept from, out of business.

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What company would that be?

VHoldr / Contour