Let Go Of What's Comfortable In Order To Become a Better You

Heather Hansen O'Neill, award winning author and speaker, recently gave a very inspiring 15-minute talk at TEDx in NYC. It has nothing to do with photography or videography. Not even related to retouching. It's not related to our industry at all. But it can't be more related to the way you think and work as a photographer. James Robertson recently wrote about how important it is to break your daily routine in order to become more creative and successful. In her speech, Heather adds few more factors that can make you become a better version of yourself - for life and for success in your business. Just let go of what's comfortable and reach higher.

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Noam Galai is a Senior Fstoppers Staff Writer and NYC Celebrity / Entertainment photographer. Noam's work appears on publications such as Time Magazine, New York Times, People Magazine, Vogue and Us Weekly on a daily basis.

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Excellent! Thanks for posting it.