Invaluable Insight into the Business and Art of Product Photography

Whether you’re just starting out in product photography and are trying to figure out where is the right direction to head, or have been in the business for a long time and want to hear another professional’s perspective, this interview with Tony Roslund is going be well worth watching. From starting up and getting his first clients, to maintaining relationships with those clients and running a business, to establishing a style and making an impression on potential clients, Roslund’s stories and experiences that he shares are a perfect mix of interesting and informational.

PRO EDU’s Rob Grimm talks at length with Roslund, who recently released “The Complete Guide To Product Photography & Retouching.” Roslund starts by speaking about being a third-generation photographer and how his grandfather and father established themselves in the photography business. This transitions into his own start in product photography and quoting his first big gig, and the mistakes made early on.

There is an underlying moral within the interview that gets brought up throughout, and that is mutual respect with clients and the importance of building lasting relationships with them. Making smart choices in how you handle business relationships can mean the difference between being able to support yourself with photography for the next couple years versus being able work in photography for the rest of your life.

Later in the interview, Grimm pulls some images from Roslund’s portfolio and they discuss the process behind these shots and the stories that go along with them. Roslund, who describes his own photographic style as “clean, simple, dramatic, and minimalist,” also reveals how one’s style in product photography is easily translatable into architectural shoots. These sort of relatable processes across genres are important to notice because that means your pool of potential clients greatly increases.

If you enjoyed the interview, you can also check out these free segments from “The Complete Guide To Product Photography & Retouching” below or go here to purchase the whole deal.

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Patrick Hall's picture

I was just about to post this video myself, Tony is one of the most fun guys I've ever met and has a really great sense of dry humor. Rob is an amazing photographer as well so to hear them both talk casually about their trade is really a great bit of inspiration for anyone looking to shoot products or catalog. They both have taught at our 2 Fstoppers Workshops and they are the real deal.

On a side note, as painful as it must have been for Rob, that cow's head crashing at the beginning is pure gold!

Tony Roslund's picture

Much appreciated Patrick.

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

I rigged the steer head to fall right at the moment of the King of Morocco

Drew Pluta's picture

Done with work by 4:45 to get home for the nanny by 5:00 while expanding out over the top of the market in current city. Are these real problems?

Jason Ranalli's picture

I really hope more folks actually watched the video than posted here - because there's a lot of quality meat in there that you won't hear anywhere else.

I stepped in on Rob's workshop very briefly down in the Bahamas and was just amazed at what these guys were doing. Massive respect for these guys, their craft and their businesses.