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Harmony Korine Creates Campaign for Gucci

Gucci has recruited cult classic film director Harmony Korine ​​​​​​to shoot two campaigns. The campaigns feature celebrities, wild parties, and tacky vacation vibes.

Lindsay Adler on Developing a Personal Style: From Good to Great

Since the mid-2010s, there have been more photographs taken each year than existed in the history of photography. The democratization of photography and the removal of barriers to entry means there are also more professional photographers than ever before in history. Given this steep competitive curve, how is it possible to stand out?

The Bold and Colorful Fashion Photography of Richard Terborg

Richard Terborg is a conceptual fashion, portrait and fine-art photographer from Holland. Known for his bold and crazy colors, Richard is just as bold and crazy in real life. In a fun way, not a ruin your life way.

Creating Bruno Magli's Cinematic Fall 2019 Fashion Campaign

Gina Manning Photography has been working with the Bruno Magli team for two seasons now, shaping their brand and new campaign and collections visually. I’ve been fortunate enough to harvest an incredibly collaborative and artistic relationship that has led the way for us to make the art I love seeing in the world!

Viviane Sassen Talks Process and Inspiration

One thing many of us struggle with in our journeys as photographers and filmmakers is finding what we want to say and then expressing it effectively through our chosen medium. In this short documentary about Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, we get a look into what informs a photographers choice of subject matter and method of expression.

What I've Learnt From Peter Lindbergh

I’ve paged through his books at bookshops, and I know he’s done some of the Pirelli Calendar campaigns. But I've looked at his work again since his passing, and it gives insight on how he does it, and what type of person he was.

How I Photographed This Model in Under an Hour and Got Her an Agency

There are a couple of ways for models to get into an agency, including hiring a photographer to take photos of them and using those to show an agency their range. This requires the photographer to work quickly and efficiently to get as many different looks as possible in a compressed amount of time to save them money.

First Transgender Woman Cast in Victoria Secret Catalog

Victoria's Secret has cast Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio, an openly transgender woman, for a catalog photo shoot. This announcement marks the first time Victoria's Secret has cast a transgender person for a catalog or brand campaign. Does this mean the lack of diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry is finally changing?

Why Don't Fashion Designers Credit Models?

I'm an obsessive Instagram user and, as I run an account in the fashion niche, I'm often looking at the pages of big brands. Something has been bothering me for a long while, and it's this: why don't designers tag their models?

How to Get Into London Fashion Week

If you have aspirations of being a fashion photographer, London Fashion Week is about as big as it can get. It's one of the main fashion capitals of the world, and remains highly respected for both designers and the press.

How to Know Your Makeup Artist Is the One

If you work as a portrait photographer of any kind, it's useful to work with the same makeup artist (or MUA) every time you shoot. You'll cut down on time spent casting and won't have to learn how to communicate in a way that works for a new collaborator every time. But how do you know that your new MUA is the one? Check these key factors that will make them a collaborator you can depend on, time and time again.

Save $150 on Joey Wright's Swimwear Tutorial

Joey Wright's swimwear photography tutorial is one of the best projects we've ever filmed here at Fstoppers. For the rest of the month, we're celebrating the warm summer months by selling it for 50% off when you use code JOEY150 at checkout.

Dutch Rail's Controversial Instagram Victim Photography Taken Down

A Dutch rail company that created controversy after posting images of clothing belonging to victims of rail disasters has taken down the photographs. Captions detailing the accidents and describing the deaths or serious injuries of the wearers were in stark contrast to the account's positioning, described as a "fashion line."

Creating a High-Key Look

High-key lighting has a great look to it. It can be very clean and can be fun or elegant or edgy, depending of course on a few other factors of the shoot, such as makeup, hair, clothing, model/client, etc.

How I Shot These Studio Beauty Images

I’ve always loved the color red and the emotions it invokes. I suppose that's the fun thing about backgrounds, props, and general settings in that a color theme can evoke so many different thoughts and emotions. Needless to say the power of a model is critical but what you can create around the model can go a long way in conveying the feel you’re aiming for.

The Hard Light Look in Photography

I get emails almost weekly, asking me about certain light setups. So I decided to start doing a weekly light series on YouTube. I thought, "what's the best light setup to start it with then with one of my favorite lighting set-ups?" Hard Light! I will be rolling out a new lighting setup once a week. They will range from basic to a bit more advanced. I am very excited and happy to do this and teach some of my fellow photographers.

Battle of the Photography Blogs: SLR Lounge Versus Fstoppers

It's another day in Puerto Rico and another photography shootout. Last week, we asked you which photo was better, but today, we take you behind the scenes and reveal the winning images. This is a battle for the photography blogs!

Photoshop Beginner Basics: Video Tutorial Number 2

Just about anyone who has played with Photoshop a bit can learn about portrait retouching from YouTube, as there are tens of thousands of videos on there covering the many and varied methods involved in the process. But what about tutorials for photographers who are legitimately brand new to Photoshop, and have never used it?

Posing Tips for Portrait Clients Who Are Not Models

Let's face it, when you're in business as a portrait photographer, the person who usually ends up in front of your camera is not going to be a professional model. That's why it's all the more important that you can give a regular person the guidance they need to look and feel like a superstar.

How I Simulated Natural Light in This Fashion Shoot

Have you ever wanted to create a bright, sunny image, but it was rainy and overcast outside? In this article, see how I recreated the sun when I shot this edgy fashion editorial in my small home living room.

Music on Set: Who Plays DJ?

Music has a very strong connection to studio photography. I’d wager that the vast majority of people imagine studios with music driving the shoot. Think Blow-Up or more recently, Austin Powers. Music can help to energize your set. But, what happens when you’re just not as in touch with the poppiest of pop culture anymore?

How Christopher Cavanaugh Shot This Color Gel Shoot

Fashion photographer Christopher Cavanaugh was brought on for this photo project that took place in Los Angeles by creative director Terrel Mullen as a collaboration project to expand both their portfolios. It expanded their portfolios and expanded our appreciation of what can be accomplished from behind the camera.

How Per Florian Appelgren Shot L'Officiel Indonesia Beauty Editorial

When Per Florian Appelgren first got the brief from L'Officiel Indonesia, he was excited as shooting styled beauty is his strong suit and he absolutely loved doing it. Being able to work with a top-tier model such as Sara from GirlsClub Management Berlin was also a huge plus point.

How Amber Gray Shot Her Photo Art Project ‘Andromeda Suite’

This shoot was an art project that Amber Gray had been dreaming of for a long time. One of the things that she often explores in her work is the relationship between feminine energy and the natural world, and this concept in particular really exemplifies that idea in a surreal way.

When Gear Matters

It is widely acknowledged that necessity is the mother of invention. DIY and jury-rigged lighting setups are all the rage these days. The phrase "gear doesn't matter" has become a mantra. Why are photographers so loathe to admit that gear can matter? Sometimes not having the right gear is what stands between you and your concept.

Photoshop: How to Make Quick Luminosity Masks From Gradient Maps

If you've ever used luminosity masks, you know how perfect they can be for creating specific looks, effects and styles, and are also hugely purposeful for specific utility processes in your workflow. There are many ways to go about creating luminosity masks, but have you considered simply using the Gradient Map adjustment layer for this?

Ever Shot on Location and Felt Stuck? Here Are a Few Tips to Help

I shoot for a clothing boutique and we shoot outside at the same area weekly. To say I have overused the available locations is an understatement. Sometimes I find myself on the side of the road, next to a rundown building I’ve shot at 20 times already, and think to myself, how in the world can I make this different? I’ll bet most of us have been there at some point.

How Simon Wisbey Shot This Campaign for Lipsy London

Photographer Simon Wisbey recently did a campaign shoot for Lipsy London, shot at Premier Park Studios. The concept was devised by the creative team at Lipsy London head office and Simon then had to bring it to life.

Why I Mainly Photograph in Portrait Orientation for Actors' Headshots

Many people have asked me over time why most of my headshots are taken in portrait orientation and so tight? I used to joke around, saying I shot that way because I am a Virgo and my style of shooting is very much “in the box”. I then realized I could simply sum up three main reasons for why I shoot in portrait.

Lighting and Style Choices for Shooting Athletic Wear

One of the most rewarding parts of photography is choosing the right type of light for an assignment. The light that will best help convey what we’ve been hired to shoot. Nowhere is that more true than in shooting athletic wear.

Former Disney Child Actor Shoots Huge UK Fashion Campaign

Actor Cole Sprouse, noted for his roles in the CW’s "Riverdale," and Disney’s "The Suite Life," is the photographer behind the new clothing campaign of a huge UK store. The series, shot in California, takes on a 50s theme.

Should Victoria's Secret Keep Their Signature Style of Model Selection?

After reading thoughts on Victoria's Secret getting negative feedback for their choice of models, I have some thoughts on the matter as well and how it affects our cultural view of models and of course, the style that we photographers shoot. There're some critics who feel that Victoria's Secret should include plus-size or transgender models in their fashion show.

How I Shot This Hair Shoot

Hair photography can be a pain to shoot. Having a good hair stylist is incredibly important to make sure you don’t end up spending more time than you should behind the desk for the retouching. When it comes to hair, you’ll already have to spend more time than you’ll like.