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How to Double Your Inquiries With One Simple Addition to Your Website

Photographers of all genres rely on new inquires as well as returning clients to fill their calendar for the year. Keeping up with returning clients is easily done, however getting the fresh new leads does not have to be a difficult task if your website has a few minor additions.

Top 10 Geminids Meteor Shower Captures Found Around the Web

Although some of us either slept through the night or couldn't see the stars due to weather, a lot of photographers set up their rigs and captured the spectacle known as the Geminids Meteor Shower. Check out some of the highlights we found around the web.

Beautiful Oasis in an Otherwise Hectic World: A Unique Photo Series

Art is a huge form of self expression. We use it to push through a traumatic experience, to pull us out of sadness, or even to express the intense happiness we feel when we are overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounds us. Sometimes, we can also have this same effect on others maybe without even trying .

Kaleidoscopic Time-Lapse Video Looks Like Another World

Time-lapse photographer Michael Shainblum has created a unique and visually stunning video utilizing flipped and mirrored versions of his footage in a kaleidoscopic type fashion. The movement and attention to detail are done very well with the accompanying music.

Elevating the Boudoir Industry With Competition [NSFW]

As in any industry, it is important to push yourself for healthy competition. Entering photography contests or competitions can really push you creatively. Recently in a contest for a photography forum, an artist caught the eyes of many of his peers.
Veteran Creative Director Creates a Horror Glitch Series Using Analog Effects

Televisions are not only a great place to view horror, but they have also played a key role in a number of scary films over the years from Poltergeist to The Ring. See how an artist has tapped directly into our psyche with some truly chilling imagery created using a series of analog devices to create the effects.

When Opportunity Meets Experience: A Once in a Lifetime Photo

Great shots are often a combination of experience, planning, timing, effort, and of course, luck. A talented newspaper photographer got the shot of a lifetime while photographing an air show in Niagara Falls earlier this year.

The No Forced Smile Approach to Special Needs Photography

"Say cheese" might be one of the most common things you think of when it comes to standard portrait photography. In the days of mall studios or even class pictures, this phrase is something we can all attest to hearing at least once in our lives. With more modern day photography, there has become less and less forced smiles and bribery in order to get that perfect image.

How a Photographer Continues to Find Himself Through the Camera

For some of us, photography is a job that we love, and for some of us, it's a window into our very being that can help us discover or rediscover who we are. This touching video features one photographer who uses the craft to learn about himself and heal.

Remove Surface Glare On Your Interior Photos With This Quick Tip

When photographing commercial interior images, a common issue is an unsightly glare on reflective surfaces. Removing these reflections by compositing image layers significantly improves your images, separating you from the pack of "run-and-gun" real estate and interior photographers.

This Surreal Aerial Photo Series Features Tulip Fields in Holland

It wasn’t until English photographer Tommy Clarke wound up living in Australia, shooting fashion photography that he didn’t feel complacent with, that he decided to venture into landscape work. Since then, he’s found his niche in aerial photography, and recently unveiled his surreal abstract shots of Holland’s Tulip fields.

Is Boudoir Photography Becoming More of a Feeling Than Location?

Boudoir photography is not a new concept, however, the way in which it is viewed has changed drastically over the years. When it once was an art form on the female body, represented solely indoors in a bedroom, the title now has moved to include other versions. It could be argued that if it does not adhere to specific criteria, it cannot be called boudoir. In my opinion, the original term might just need to be evolved to include other concepts as the term among the majority of photographers in this genre refer to boudoir as more of a feeling than a location.

Tips for a Winter Wonderland Session on Location [NSFW]

A thick blanket of white covers falling tree limbs in a beautiful landscape just calling for you to shoot your outdoor session. Navigating the labyrinth of paths to get the perfect scene is obtainable with a few from fellow photographers. Last week we discussed how to prepare for shoots in the desert and now we go to the opposite side of the spectrum with a winter wonderland shoot in the snow. A few suggestions will help the safety of your clients as well as getting those killer shots.

'Photographers Shoot the Same Model': Episode 7

Renowned photographer and Youtuber Jessica Kobeissi created another video in the popular series, "Photographers Shoot the Same Model." She’s now on the seventh episode of the series with views ranging from one to four million.

Photographer Creates Stunning Conceptual Image in Iceland

Conceptual photographer and retoucher Anya Anti traveled to Iceland in 2017 to create some extraordinary images. Check out this behind-the-scenes video she created that shows her choice of location and the process of creating her props.

What It Takes to Photograph an Extreme Event Like the Marathon Des Sables Peru

In the world of adventure sports photography being in the right location isn't always enough. Often times you have to match the athleticism of the athletes you are photographing to get those really amazing shots. that means hanging off the side of a cliff hundreds of feet above the ground alongside a rock climber. Or swimming a couple feet above a coral reef in twenty-foot plus surf. In this case, it means spending a week in the desert running up and down sand dunes.

Portrait Photographer Empowers Women, Builds Legacy for Daughter

One Minnesota photographer is working to dig beneath the pretty surface in an effort to show women the beauty they hold within. In the process, she is building a living legacy for her daughter, one that she only recently began to see in herself.

Photographer Captures Images of Tribes Across the Globe

British photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled to 35 communities across the world in the first part of his project to document portraits of tribal and indigenous peoples. Today, in the second part of his project, Nelson is continuing to travel and document lives and cultures that are often unseen.

Behind the Scenes With Massive Machinery and Landscapes

Photographing behind the scenes at any large power producing area can be difficult not only to obtain entry but also to capture the massive scale to do the area justice. The areas are normally bustling with workers, smoke from the machines, and dust from the ground. Traveling to these destinations, however, will help show the world just what goes on behind that power that they use daily.

Rooftop Photography as Fine Art

Rooftops hold a certain allure but it's not just urban explorers and extreme sports narcissists that are drawn to the tops of buildings to capture this alternative view of the city. Photographer and Artist Alain Cornu drags a 4x5 field camera onto the rooftops of Paris to create stunningly beautiful images that feel like portals into another world.

The London Cityscape Photographer Who Caught the Super Blue Blood Moon

The U.K. recently experienced an incredible lunar eclipse by the name of “super blue blood moon.” Here, one professional skyline and cityscape photographer, Michael Tomas, aka London Viewpoints, talks us through photographing the momentous event, as well as his other impressive works.

Landscape Photographer Reveals Secret to Success

We all have that person or two we've been following on social media since first opening our own accounts. For me, Joshua Snow is one of those people. Snow is a fellow landscape photographer who I've been fortunate to follow since I first started posting to Instagram. Recently I was able to chat with him about how he transitioned from aspiring to professional photographer, and where his motivation and inspiration lies.

Photo Series Celebrates Aging Through High-Fashion Photography

I was completely blown away when I came across Diane Villadsen's project “Old Friends,” a high-fashion, conceptual take on aging. To celebrate the process all of us will go through eventually, why not do it in a unique way through photography and fashion? I got in touch with Villadsen to find out more about her inspiration for the shoot.

The Most Stunning UV Light Photography You'll Ever See

At first, you could wonder how a hairstylist found inspiration in deep sea creatures and avatar to make a collection. But then, when you see the actual looks and how a talented photographer such as David Sheldrick can make the most out every element to create masterpieces out of it, you actually start to hate yourself for not thinking of it earlier! This is probably the most stunning project I’ve seen in months, and I’m blown away by how much talent there is in these frames.

Fine Art Photographer Bella Kotak Transforms Insecurities Into Beauty and Inspiration

Photography is often an underrated tool, especially when it comes to helping others with self-confidence or overcoming personal issues. Fine art photographer, Bella Kotak, went through some health issues herself a few years ago, and her whole world began to change. She couldn’t find inspiration anymore and discovered how much other people suffered as well but still put a brave face on for the world. It inspired her to create a new series of stunning images showcasing and celebrating feminity, inner light, and strength of spirit captured against the ever-changing backdrop of nature. And don’t believe for a second she used agency models; she reached out to women with insecurities issues that follow her. Here are some of their stories.

Urban Shepherds and Medium-Format Film: The Photography of Stefano Carnelli

Stefano Carnelli is an Italian photographer living in London and Berlin, shooting socially-engaged, documentary images on medium-format film with a particular interest in the relationship between people and landscapes. His recent project, “Transumanza,” explores the lives of shepherds and their flocks in the Po Valley of northern Italy, examining how their historic traditions have changed in response to globalization and an ever-shifting landscape.

Photographer Spotlight: Lucas Passmore

I believe that upon our journey in whatever craft you choose, we encounter people who not only inspire, but assist in pushing us to grow more, and photographer Lucas Passmore has been exactly that for me. Initially, from the Midwest, Lucas is a fashion photographer living in Los Angeles. His regards for the history of photography, ability to capture a moment, and willingness to give back to those new to the photography community made him the perfect person to highlight in my first interview.

Photographer Travels to Japan for Surreal Snowy Landscape Photo Series

Chinese Photographer Ying Yin’s was inspired to travel and see snow. While visiting Japan’s northernmost region during the peak of winter, her photo series “Wind of Okhotsk” looks like the end of the earth, with buildings isolated by the intense weather.