Recent Medium Format Articles

Jumping Back in to the Darkroom

As a sort of part 2 to my last video, I'm taking the black and white film from that same shoot and jumping into the darkroom. It's been a while since I've ventured in, so I thought it would be fun to take you along with me while I kicked off the cobwebs.

Mike Kelley vs Lee Morris, The Rematch

One year ago to this very day I competed with Mike Kelley to see who could take the best photos of the famous "Dome House" and I won. For 12 months Mike has been plotting his revenge and today, we meet again, at an even more extravagant home in Charleston.

Hasselblad Introduces the X1D II 50C Along With a Few Other Treats

Hasselblad, a Swedish company known for photographing space and their medium format cameras, has just released a new version of their X1D. With competition from Fujifilm and Phase One, the X1D II 50C is a very portable, sleek, and versatile medium format camera compared to its competitors.

Cinema5D Takes a Look at the Development of the Fujifilm GFX 100

If there's one thing that the internet photography community loves to do, it's call gear manufacturers out for the various "bad" design choices they make. Fujifilm's new GFX 100 has certainly not been spared this. In this video, Cinema 5D heads over to the Fujifilm design labs to find out about the process of the design of their new flagship large (er-than-35mm) format camera.

Roadtripping with the Fuji GFX 50S

A full tank of gas, a Fujifilm GFX 50S, and a partner in crime make for a perfect day to remember what happiness is all about.

'Advanced Product Photography': A Free Video Tutorial

We create tons of free content on a weekly basis for our YouTube channel, but until now, we have exclusively sold our "professional" photography tutorials on the Fstoppers store. But today, thanks to a few sponsors, we've created a free 45-minute tutorial on product photography.

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm GFX 50R: Medium Format for the Masses

Fujifilm have placed themselves squarely at both ends of the sensor-size war, skipping 35mm full frame altogether and instead concentrating on APS-C and medium format. In this review we'll be taking a look at the second addition to their GFX series of cameras, the rangefinder-styled GFX 50R.

Does Better Gear Make You a Better Photographer?

Do you need professional photography equipment to be a professional photographer? Does the look you portray mean as much as the images you create? Where do the explanations that it’s the photographer not the camera end and the equipment really begins to matter?

Trying a Vintage Nikon 28mm PC Lens on a Fujifilm GFX 50R

I stumbled across this lens in a consignment shop in Gloucester, Massachusetts last fall. I was aware of its existence but had never considered it as a lens for my needs, but the price was too good to pass up and if I didn't end up using it, it’d go into the ever-revolving, buy and sell, gear pile.

Tips for Fixing Common Issues With the Hasselblad a12 Medium Format Film Back

With the amount of used camera gear I come across in my adventures across Southern California, I often run into pieces that invariably need some sort of minor repairs. The more labor intensive or skilled technician tasks get sent off to an appropriate repair-person. It sucks to eat that cost but reserving it for pieces that command a higher sales price means eating that cost is much more palatable.

Always Consider Your Intent When Lighting a Subject

With photographic lighting, there is plenty to learn. Each surface requires its own type of light and every modifier produces its own signature light. One other element we must always consider, though, is the photographer’s intent.

The Insane Flexibility of Medium Format Raw in Capture One Pro 12

Every now and then, it's nice to be reminded of how spoiled we are and how much information really lives inside our raw files. Whenever we capture a raw image, we have a plethora of information at our disposal. That's all well and good, but this one example really helps bring it home.

Photographer Modifies Film Hasselblad 500C/M Into a Medium Format Xpan

With the wealth of options out there for lens-adapting and DIY modifications, many industrious photographers are taking things to the next level. The process of adapting anamorphic projection lenses to a take-up lens has been well-established for years now.

Can You Fake Medium Format?

Medium format photography offers a wide variety of benefits in terms of image quality, but is it possible to try to achieve those results when shooting on a camera with a much smaller sensor?

'The Scream' Painter Edvard Munch's Rare Photographs to Go on Display

For most people who know the name Edvard Munch, there’s an immediate association with his iconic painting, "The Scream.” This artist, fabled for his emotionally impactful painting, is not known for his photographs, but his lens-based work will soon be available for fans of art and photography.

Shooting the Fuji GFX 50S With the Techart Adapter and Canon Tilt-Shift Lenses

For many architectural photographers, tilt-shift lenses from Canon are the go-to option. These particular lenses are quite possibly the best available, and although Nikon has their variants, they just don't seem to be as good as Canon. The problem, however, is that Canon doesn't currently offer the best camera to put those lenses on with cameras like the Nikon D850 and Sony a7R III offering much better noise performance and dynamic range. In this video, I adapt Canon lenses to Fuji's medium format camera.

A Longterm Review of the GFX 50s: Living With Fuji's Medium Format Camera

It has been just over a year since the release of Fujifilm’s entry into the digital medium format market, the Fujifilm GFX 50s. Fstoppers reviewed the camera a few months later, and I talked about it as a travel and portrait camera a while later. It’s an exceptional machine, there’s no doubting that. But after a few solid months of using it, how do I feel about it? The initial “wow” that comes with the honeymoon phase is over now, so what’s left?

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm GF 110mm f/2 R

Fujifilm set the bar for APS-C portrait lenses with their phenomenal XF 56mm f/1.2 a few years back and they have done the same for digital medium format with the GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR. The GFX system is an exceptional fit for those shooting high-end portraiture and the GF 110mm f/2 is quite possibly the perfect portrait lens for this application.

Fujifilm GFX Vs. Canon 5DS R Vs. Pentax 645Z: Battle of the 50s

Up until now, Canon is still the only full-frame manufacturer that offers a 50-megapixel camera. The Canon 5DS R is still very much my favorite full-frame camera to use for any professional work. The usability and image quality are what appeals so much to me. Medium format, however, has always been seen as something that's a little out of reach for many photographers, but with releases from Pentax and Fuji the price has really come down and they're much more viable now than they have ever been. In my latest video, I decided to compare the Canon 5DS R, The Fujifilm GFX, and the Pentax 645Z to see how they perform against one another.

Hasselblad Announces H6D-400c MS 400-Megapixel Medium Format Monster

Hasselblad announced an updated multi-shot camera based on its flagship 100c 100-megapixel, full-frame 645 CMOS sensor. The result: the Hasselbald H6D-400c MS. The 400c MS allows for a 400-megapixel image by shifting the sensor in one-pixel and half-pixel increments as it takes six shots that are then combined later for a true 400-megapixel file.

'Galaxies Vol. II' Captures Deep-Sky Astro Time-Lapses

Adrien Mauduit has released the second piece in his “Galaxies” series. Volume II features time-lapses taken against winter skies, a deviation from his first “Galaxies” film which captures our galaxy and the surrounding stars during the summer nights.

How to Get Medium Format Colors With Your Full-Frame Camera

Medium-format cameras have long been known for their excellent image quality and incredible ability when it comes to rendering colors. Phase One's latest camera, the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic, takes this a step further and you can now get extremely accurate and effective colors, straight out of the camera. To learn more about the Trichromatic and how it compares to the "standard" 100MP back from Phase One, check out my previous article. The main issue with medium-format cameras such as these is that they cost significantly more than what most of us would like to pay. What if we could attain that level of quality without needing to spend anywhere as close?

Urban Shepherds and Medium-Format Film: The Photography of Stefano Carnelli

Stefano Carnelli is an Italian photographer living in London and Berlin, shooting socially-engaged, documentary images on medium-format film with a particular interest in the relationship between people and landscapes. His recent project, “Transumanza,” explores the lives of shepherds and their flocks in the Po Valley of northern Italy, examining how their historic traditions have changed in response to globalization and an ever-shifting landscape.

Phase One IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Colors Compared

Medium-format cameras have long been known for being able to produce incredible and vibrant colors. This is one of the main reasons behind why many professionals upgrade and spend so much on these systems. The colors that you can achieve with the 16-bit sensors are very desirable and allow much more flexibility in post. Currently, the 100MP sensor is the only CMOS sensor that is 16-bit capable based on the hardware, and most people who shoot with these cameras are very happy with the results. Phase One, however, decided it wasn't good enough and released their new Trichromatic back.

Filmmaker Matt Mangham's 'Analog' Series Is Back With Episode 4

Filmmaker Matt Mangham has been working on an ongoing series entitled “Analog: Stories of Film Photography,” and I’m very excited to share episode four with the Fstoppers community. In this episode, Mangham explores creativity through the eyes of San Diego native, Matthew Lawless.

iPhone Vs. Hasselblad X1D: The Bokeh Comparison

When it comes to background blur, or what we photographers like to call bokeh, it’s a well-known thing that smartphones aren’t the best. In the recent years, however, they have improved, thanks to the dual camera systems and pixel separation algorithms. They have improved so much that some may be tempted to say they are on par with some of the best professional cameras out there. Marques Brownlee decided to see for himself if that was the case and compared the current best smartphones on the market against the Hasselblad X1D.

How Cole Rise Re-Created NASA's First Hasselblad in Space

In the fall of 1962, the fifth American astronaut brought an iconic camera with him. It was custom built for the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, and would ensure that Hasselblad was marked in history as the camera that photographed earth. Fifty-five years later, we may never see a camera quite like it. Famed Photographer Cole Rise has spent the last two years embarking on fixing that.

New Lenses Announced for the Hasselblad X1D

Hasselblad has announced five new lenses for the X1D. This is fantastic news because ever since the X1D was released, its biggest problem was its lens line up. If you've been considering buying the X1D, now may be the perfect time.

A Closer Look at the Image Quality a $63,000 Camera Can Produce

Phase One announced a couple of new medium-format digital backs this year, the Trichromatic and the Achromatic. The latter is available for a whopping $63,000 in a kit with the XF body, and for that price it only shoots in black and white. At least that’s the way many seem to consider it. However, it’s much more than that. It captures black and white images like no other camera, and for the photographers that like black and white shooting film, this gorgeous beast offers a very similar workflow. See how it works and performs in this video.

Fstoppers Reviews the Hasselblad X1D-50c

The Hasselblad X1D-50c is one of the more recent of the more affordable medium-format digital cameras to come out. And it sports Sony’s 50-megapixel CMOS sensor that has made these cameras much more affordable than their predecessors — all in a body that is by no small margin the most compact and portable in its class. The only question is can it perform?

Portraiture With the Fujifilm GFX 50S

Two weeks ago, I wrote about using the Fujifilm GFX 50S as a travel camera. As part of that article, I touched briefly on using it for portraiture. I also touched briefly on using the GF 110mm f/2 lens and a few autofocus issues that I had. Today, I would like to dive a little deeper into using this camera for portraiture and my experience with it. We’ll take a look at focusing, sharpness, skin tones, working with flash, and handholding the camera. Finally, I’ll wrap up by giving you my personal feelings about the camera and whether or not it could be an effective portrait camera.

BTS: Photographing Jennifer Lawrence for Her Foundation on a Time Crunch

Clay Cook recently photographed Jennifer Lawrence for the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, which "assists and empowers charitable organizations that fulfill children's vital needs and drive arts awareness and participation." In what's perhaps the most unique twist, Cook has always wanted to professionally photograph Lawrence, who he and his family actually grew up with in another lifetime. But he describes wanting to earn it, and finally did.

Phase One Announces the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back, XF System Feature Update 4

In a pair of announcements today, Phase One has introduced a new medium format digital back and a feature update to the XF camera system. The IQ3 100MP Trichromatic incorporates new color technology for authentic reproduction combined with 101 megapixels of fine, high-resolution detail. Feature Update 4 for the XF camera system focuses on focus control and accuracy, as well as new tools for new possibilities.