13 Incredible Examples Of Nude Body Painting

13 Incredible Examples Of Nude Body Painting

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Today I stumbled upon the incredible body painting work of Emma Hack and I started surfing the web for body painting projects. I ended up finding 13 totally unique body painting projects that I believe are worth sharing. 

Humans made to look like machines



TV commercials


Living Art







Stop Motion

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The top video seems to have been removed or has a bad link.

Used to be 70% of my business was shooting body paint.

Hah that is wild looking

Incredible Paintings great work and inspirations. But you forgot the Alien Facepaintings HAHA :) http://aliens.name/race/

oliverclyde.com/Sculpture them gold painted fools!

This is insane. The models must have alot of patience :D

worksafe off but it still blocks everything?

That's a glitch. You should see it

Studying Rich Johnson's work from afar helped get me more into the art. Models, especially amateurs, completely transform when given a lick of paint - frees them up and makes the session that much more enjoyable.... except the background blends... those poor souls simply ache for days afterwards :-)

Artist: Emma Cammack // Model: Nickole Muse

Have to say I'm disappointed to see this beauty go just because of a bit skin. Shame.

There was a glitch that deleted all of the videos. They are back now