15 Awesome Photos Of... Cars

15 Awesome Photos Of... Cars

Car photography can be done in many different ways using different techniques. Some people like shooting it with gelled strobes, some like to lightpaint it or just shoot with available light. There is no one right way to do it. Shooting cars is something most photographers can try: just take your (or your friends) car and start shooting it - but as easy as it is to try - its not easy to produce breathtaking results. Check out this collection of amazing car photos found on Flickr.

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A whole lot more orange
Photo: LongExposures .co.uk.

Faster Than Light
Photo: Jonathan Fleming.

Mazda Hood Ornament
Photo: CJ (Craig) Yunger.

GM Camaro FRT34 Painted Light - CGI
Photo: Troy Witte For General Motors.

:: Mach 1 Mustang ::
Photo: Cory Varcoe.

Light Painting the Coupe60
Photo: Troy Witte.

Nismo Zelotypia Z33
Photo: Javier Santiago.

GTR  Spec-V Spin
Photo: Jassem Hassan.

Photo: Ray Flores.

Ray Hofman's LP570-4
Photo: Julian Morales.

Satin Black and Pink Lotus Exige S Long Exposure Light Painted
Photo: Nick Williams.

Light Painting Passenger 57
Photo: Nick Grant.

Spectre R45
Photo: LongExposures .co.uk.

Demon Car!
Photo: Michael Ross.

Carrera Edit Final.
Photo: taken by Charles Siritho, retouched by Dale Martin

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Go have a look over at eastonchang.com if you want to see some really awesome photos of vehicles!

ummm http://www.flickr.com/photos/siritho/6801564947/..i took the original image of this car and dale edited, just FYI  


Carrera GT Edit by Dale Martin via 500px

George Socka's picture

my humble yet self agrandising contribution

February 2013 Toronto Auto Show Audi R8 V10 plus
Noam Galai's picture

Wow - love it

George Socka's picture

most excellent

 Nice work!!

I might get to shoot the cab again soon, and I'll get to shoot a London Cab as well...in NYC :D

As promised. London cab in NYC. The weather wasnt as good and I was tired so the pics didnt come out as good as I wanted. http://flic.kr/p/eaJRyi


Some of my work. :-)

The Camaro is a CGI and shouldn't be in this set.

Josh Hway's picture

Yeah, a lot of those are just horrible examples of good automotive work.

Here is my humble site: http://dynamicphotowerks.com/ I love shooting cars, but I definitely look up to Frederic Schlosser and Easton a lot.

Noam Galai's picture

great work man! 

George Socka's picture

yeah 2 ferraris in every grage

dylan leff alias mojocoggo on flicker