Bara Prasilova Is More An Artist Than A Fashion Photographer

Bara Prasilova is a photographer and artist from Prague with quite a list of awards to her name . Recently she teamed up with Quicksilver Women in Europe and began photographing some of their ambassadors. What I love about her work is that she creates a very dreamy mood with muted colors and often unorthodox poses. Click the full post to view more photos from this session and head over to the news section of her website to view the entire collection.

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Jens Sage's picture

Fashion Photographers HAVE to create artificial concepts... otherway they are just another photographer photographing fashion... ;)

Marek Janicek's picture

her stuff is amazing!! and the fact that we share one language makes me even a bigger fan ;)
Thanks for sharing guys!

Faibiano's picture

I never used medium format but...why she seems to move the film forward if she uses a Digital back? like in 1:40 min...Maybe reset the shutter?

Ed Hall's picture

Yeah @Faibiano, she is cocking the shutter and resting the mirror. With the older medium format cameras that are fitted with a digital back, you still have to go through the motions like you did with film… unless you have a motor drive.

Jim's picture

... but the person who did the titling should be fired... the music is credited to "Leddra Capman"