A Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot in India

As I'm sitting in the San Diego airport waiting to lose my entire day to layovers and time changes, I finally have some time to catch up on our email account. One video that was submitted to us multiple times was recently featured by our friends over at Strobist and showcases fashion photographer Martin Prihoda. Martin has relocated his business to India where he continues to produce clean and commercial style images for print. In this video he takes us BTS on his December cover for Cosmopolitan India and gives us a great explanation on how hard and soft light can be used as fill to control the transitions in your shadows.

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Richard Flores's picture

NIce shoot!!! Damn I wish I had a full-time job like that...!

zozo's picture

Jacqueline is my fav actress/model.. and you had photoshoot with her.. im jealous!!

Ed Kelly's picture


You seem like a great guy. Thanks for sharing. Great Cover.


Kevin Mosmen's picture

Anyone know the make of that fan? It pushed a LOT of air from a distance, into the model's hair. I want one!

Serge's picture

That fan is probably something like this

Kon Iatrou's picture

Great behind the scenes doco.

Shooting tethered, I've only done it recently when working with a stylist on set and said can I see the images on the laptop as you shoot it ... Sure you can, I said. Now to work out how! In fact it was pretty easy. I used a Canon 7D, USB cable to the laptop and used the s/w that came with the camera, nice. Stylist loved it the client loved but I felt the shoot was a lot slower as I was working on a tripod for the first time in the studio.

I love the freedom of shooting hand held and being able to move around. We had a great shoot and client raved about the shots.

So a new way of working in the studio.

And this video definitely inspired me to shoot tethered more often and I must try our CaptureOne.

Thanks for sharing guys :)

Travis Geny's picture

I loved this video. It gives some great ideas on lighting. The setup is simple but it makes perfect sense! I have to date not liked anything with a big para as a key light, but when used with a small key light, like the beauty dish, and then used as a big soft fill, it works! Thanks, I am trying this. Now I have to go buy more toys dammit.