The Lexus LFA Drifts Around A Sports Illustrated Model

Yu Tsai is an incredibly impressive fashion and advertising photographer. He also is an established film maker and director (check out his film section on his site). Recently Yu Tsai was faced with the task of trying to make a car ad stand out in one of the most popular magazines in the world: The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. His solution: have ace driver Rhys Millen drift dangerously close to SI supermodel Rianne Ten Haken and film the whole thing. I love the concept and it's nice to have a little behind the scenes video to go along with the final published images.

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Jon Schanz's picture

God I hate Rhys Millen with a fiery passion.

Side note, I think they could have done a lot better without the output images. Yeah, it's what the client wants, but it totally looks like that LFA is an artists rendering. Doesn't even come close to looking like a real car.

dan's picture

i literally said OOOOHHHHHHHHH, when i saw the final shot at 1:56

Jon Schanz's picture

*with the output images.


August Young's picture

Car??? what car? ;-)

Eugene's picture

Jon I definitely agree with you on the client images of the LFA, looks like a graphic storyboard render.

Which by the way I think I saw this LFA at the Chicago Autoshow, chunks were missing from the rear tires. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same car I can't imagine more than a handful being available in the US.

Daniel Johansson's picture

"Click the full post to see full resolution copies." it says but I can´t find any "full resolution copies". Or did I misunderstand because I´m from Sweden?

Anyhow - I agree with Jon - the pic @1.56 looks...hmm...over-vibranced(!)=D.

Joshua Maurer's picture

That was awesome. Though white is the only color for the LFA IMO :P
I really liked the shot they showed at 1:46

Serge's picture

I love how the Lexus symbol on the wheel is right side up. Details!

Kevin Luc's picture

The drift picture definitely looks like it's been retouched quite a bit. The brakes look like they have circular motion blur applied.

Kristopher Armstead's picture

Great shot. Great comp too. Gotta do what you gotta do for high end clients.