Tips to Get You Started Color Toning Your Images

It's no secret that color toning in photography is a incredibly deep subject that helps bring life to the vision you have in your head. This video is a great entry point on the subject to help get you going in the world of color toning.

Brought to us via Nino Batista, we see a number of different simple and easily started techniques for anyone looking to explore the world of color a bit more. In this video, he's here to help us in thinking about color.  He makes it clear that while it would be possible to have an incredibly technical discussion on color toning, a great place to begin is to simply approach the concept with intention.

This approach is one that I really love, that really speaks to me. I think that so many things in photography can be intimidating and overly technical if we let them. While there is a time and a place for the in-depth technical aspects and discussions, the best way to get your feet wet in any photography subject is to simply identify what you're trying to do, and color toning is no different. If you can identify what mood or emotion you're trying to either accentuate or add, simple techniques like the ones in this video go a long way to getting you where you're trying to go. 

When it comes to color toning, do you have a specific approach or go-to method for creating or accentuating mood and atmosphere? I know for me, I have found that it's the simple techniques that seem to have the impact I'm looking for. How about the most simple of things like warm versus cool tones, do you find that you generally favor one over the other? 

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Bookmarked for when I have the time. Thanks!

Edit: Having watched it, I couldn't *think* about color toning because I didn't get the *reason* to do it. If it's to separate your work from photos taken with cellphones, I've never had that problem. If it's to make your photos more artistic, I get that but it has no attraction to me. Every time I think, 'I should do this', I see examples and think, 'maybe not.'