How to Create a Better Oil Paint Effect in Photoshop

In this video tutorial watch Dean Samed shows us how to create a better oil paint effect in Photoshop. This can be used in your works to get that illustrated painterly feel that so many people love.

In the video, Samed starts by claiming that this technique can be achieved in under five minutes. But before we get into the actual editing, it is explained that Photoshop got rid of the oil paint filter in some versions, so you may have to go about getting to the filter differently. Also explained is the difference between good and bad oil filter styles. Not all are equal.

If anyone has used filters before you know they can be applied in an overzealous way. For me, less is more. So when Samed is turning various features of the filter off, it makes me very happy. I have seen too many bad oil filter images; restraint is best. As the tutorial chugs along, Samed is true to his word, and the technique only takes a short amount of time. But with the subtle changes, it works far better than most of the other oil filter techniques that I have seen online. I especially loved the way he managed to retain detail in the image after using the filter.

This tutorial is great for beginners and even intermediate Photoshop artists who want to get the painterly or even cartoony feel to their work. There are lots of ways to get this effect, but I think this has to be the shortest and most efficient way I have seen yet.

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Kasey Sk's picture

I have seen too many bad oil filter images; restraint is best.

Daniel L Miller's picture

Take your SPAM and go away

Vintage Vantage's picture

Checkout Helios 103, it gives a painted look to photos in my opinion.

Christian Monnet's picture

I'm wondering if Dean Samed spent time watching paintings? It looks like everything but oil painting. Oh, by the way, it's like the "film look" : if you want a painting look, then paint.

james robin's picture

I chose to get the filter for the early Ford 5.0L V8 engine. ... see). In fact, too many pleats can end up restricting the flow too much because there is not enough space between them to allow oil to flow. ... Even with all the problems of the other Fram filters, this one is not too bad. ... You can see this in the picture above (far left).