How to Use the Background Remover Tool in Photoshop

One of the things Photoshop sells itself on is automated tools, the tools where it uses AI or an algorithm to do the work for you.

Just like everything in life, these tools are not as easy to use as they would make you think. Every time I use the Quick Selection tool or Refine Edge tool, I still have to do lots of work after to refine.

In this video, Photoshop expert Unmesh Dinda explores how to get the best out of the background remover tool. First of all, he shows us how to find the tool, as it is hidden away behind the eraser tool. Dinda then goes on to show us in real-time the effects of the background eraser. Once Dinda has shown us, he then reveals the biggest drawback to using this tool, which is that it is destructive: it does not use masks. 

But do not fear, Dinda being the Photoshop wizard he is, solves that problem for us. By using multiple layers, we can use background removal in a non-destructive way. Working non-destructively is always the way you should work in theory. You do not want to destroy pixels or make changes that you then cannot undo.

Although still not perfect, in the correct situations, this technique could save you a lot of time and hassle. Just remember that even these amazing quick result tools will always need some work afterward to refine what Photoshop has done.

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Indy Thomas's picture

Unmesh is a unique talent. A PS whiz and such a charming presence in all his presentations.

Jay McConnell's picture

But but but Capture One.

Jeff McCollough's picture

What about the eyebrow remover tool?

Charles Scott's picture

Is your self-worth so low that you have to make such a comment? Feeling sorry for you.

Jeff McCollough's picture

It's sad you don't understand a sarcastic joke.

Charles Scott's picture

Unmesh Dinda blows my mind away with every video tutorial. Not only is he an expert on the subject but his ability to explain and demonstrate new and complex techniques is a very special gift that only a few instructors have.