Phlearn Shows You How to Create an Artistic Double Exposure in Photoshop

In this brilliant tutorial from Phlearn, Aaron Nace shows you how to create an artistic, composite image to replicate the double exposure effect. Despite being a little complex, the instruction is easy to follow. Nace’s great tips include: finding an appropriate blending mode, using detailed masking and grouping as well as using the gradient tool to add that extra something to your image.


[via Phlearn - Youtube]

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Andrew Griswold's picture

Great little post! I have been playing with getting this same effect and edit all on the iPhone using a couple apps. My buddy Danny Mota up in Chicago has some great shots he does with it and its all done on his phone!

Danielle Douglass's picture

It's unbelievable what some people can do with their phones now. There are some brilliant instagrams out there.

Kristjan Järv's picture

I love Phlearn, they make learning photoshop fun and easy :D

Christian Berens's picture

Aaron's tutorials are always so easy to understand. Thanks for the post!