Shoot, Print, And Frame A Massive Peter Lik Style Photograph On A Budget

Shoot, Print, And Frame A Massive Peter Lik Style Photograph On A Budget

If you have seen Peter Lik's work in person then you understand that it's impossible to put into words the look and quality of his prints. Peter's photography (and his post production) is fantastic, but what really makes his work stand out is his printing and presentation. If his images were printed on standard photo paper at a standard size, his work would not have the same "wow" factor.

Right before a trip to Italy I went back into Peter's studio for a little inspiration. After studying his work and speaking with a sales rep about his printing process I decided to shoot, print, and frame a shot in Italy for the absolute cheapest price without losing the "wow" factor that Peter's work has. This is how I did it.


Today it is so easy to stitch images together that you could shoot a picture like this with practically any camera with manual control and the more images you take, the more megapixels the final prodcut will be. Don't think that you have to have some ultra expensive camera to get quality images. I went to Italy with only 1 camera (D7000) and 1 lens (Sigma 17-50mm). If I had brought a longer lens I could have zoomed in more and taken even more pictures for a higher megapixel image but I was so far away (and I could only zoom to 50mm) so only 3 images fit. 3, 16mp images combined into one made for one ultra sharp image though.



The metallic print from really did look like it was printed on metal and it definitely has that "backlit" look that people say Lik's work has. The print in the video can not come close to the way that it actually looks in person. As I said at the end of the video, this paper looks fantastic but it is so reflective it has to be perfectly flat to look it's best. I would highly suggest bringing your print to a professional, getting them to mount it on gatorboard and then using the mirror for something else (it actually is a really nice mirror).

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. It is very different than our other stuff but we thought we would give it a try. We are really ramping up our video production and in the near future we hope to bring you an original video each week.

Here is the Youtube version of the same video:

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How is it possible that you got it so cheap? Based on my calculations a metalprint of that size from would cost about 350 dollars. The sizes in their website are inches, right?

Lee Morris's picture

Metal print and metallic paper are 2 different things.

oh, bastien got it first

where is that mentioned?

Patrick Hall's picture   30x60 prints are $60 plus 15% for metallic paper

Awesome video! I haven't printed on metallic paper yet (mostly because I couldn't find anywhere what benefits it gave); this has convinced me to go ahead and try it!

I am very surprised you werent wearing white gloves while handling your print. Id be afraid of getting finger prints on the image. other than that, very nice work. 

You might also check out El-Co Color Labs ( I've only used them once, but I'm about to order some metallic prints myself and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Check out their Poster Special. 60"x30" is currently $38.95 for metallic!

Read the fine print and the minimum order is 2 Poster Prints so the price is going to be $77.90 plus shipping and taxes to get 2 prints. In the end this is a better deal if you want 2 prints. What is the print quality of a poster print? The regular 30X60 metallic photo print is $73.13. Would like to know what the difference between the 2 print options is.

Rodrigo Daguerre's picture

Great post! And your face is crazy symmetrical!

Leonidas's picture

very Nice work Lee 

for those in Canada, Willow Paper Works offers the same services (and seems to use the same ROES software) as BayPhoto. Much better prices if you have to ship something across the border and deal with brokerage fees and all that nonsense!

wow nice vid!


This is the type of post I was hoping fstoppers would evolve to...  And it has:  it brings true $ value and is an inspiring video watch (because it *does* spark new ideas).  I vote that fstoppers adds more videos like these (and less from external sources...  I see the the same videos from external sources in other places).

*Very* well done and I would like to see more just like this one.

Thank you very much Lee, the results are impressive, definitely helpful information. Congrats on the great job, Fstoppers is awesome!

Really awesome video again from you guys! Just love the diversity of the video's posted here on Fstoppers! Do you actually have this photo hanging in your appartement right now?

Really like the way you found your frame, gonna check some stuff out myself to. Usually see these kind of frames at some second hand markets we have here in the Netherlands. So thanks for the idea!

Peter Pollack's picture

As usual Lee, great video. Please keep it coming. P

j.j.'s picture

You could use double sided sticky tape. Also where you took a picture was a scene in the classic movie "A Royal Holiday" where the princess hears the music coming from the tent area you see below and next to the bridge.

Thanks for sharing Lee. You guys rock!!!

Drew Morris's picture

Great idea about finding a cheap frame, but the perfectionist in me has to say that taping all around the edge is a bum way to mount the print, thats only going to leave your print wavy and loose looking later on even if its tight now (which in the video when the lighting reflections hit it, you could see it was already not perfect). What about going with a peel and stick mount board? Or just sandwiching the print between that mirror and a fresh piece of glass? I have no uncertain distaste for plexiglass because of static and it is SOoooooo easy to scratch.  II stars

Lee Morris's picture

I totally agree with you. In this video was simply showing you the absolute cheapest way to do it but I would highly suggest mounting it on gatorboard for an extra $60. 

Patrick Hall's picture

Didn't you tell me you looked at getting a piece of glass and that it would cost hundreds of dollars?

Lee Morris's picture

Yes, I got a quote on museum quality glass for something 7feet wide and they said it would cost $12,000, yes 12k. 

Kinu Grove's picture

For anyone interested in a 24" X 36" size print on Kodak Metallic paper the cost is only $30 at Adoramapix

Love the video Lee I have 2 of Peter Lik books and have seen both his galleries in Vegas and was very inspired by his work. With all our work on digital now quality prints like Lik does are just amazing to see in person.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah but that print size is too small.  I don't even see Adorama offering anything past 24 inches but surely they do.  Bayphoto's comparable 24x36 is $44 so maybe Adorama can beat it if they infact do prints that large.  

Kinu Grove's picture

I found a better option $43 for 30 X 60 Metallic print

Great idea and great video Lee!

Jim Harmer's picture

Okay, I guess I missed something.  I really want to do this.  Where did you get the plexiglass from?  The stuff I see at the hardware store is SUPER thick!

Lee Morris's picture

I decided against the plexi because it was so expensive. I'm not convinced that this paper needs glass in front of it. 

George Marsh's picture

Just curious and maybe I missed something. Is there any reason you didn't use the mirror side versus having to clean the backside of the mirror? I would think the mirror side would have provided a smooth surface, no ripples or would not require any major cleaning? I can not wait to try this and thanks again for a great find and sharing!

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