Shoot, Print, And Frame A Massive Peter Lik Style Photograph On A Budget

Shoot, Print, And Frame A Massive Peter Lik Style Photograph On A Budget

If you have seen Peter Lik's work in person then you understand that it's impossible to put into words the look and quality of his prints. Peter's photography (and his post production) is fantastic, but what really makes his work stand out is his printing and presentation. If his images were printed on standard photo paper at a standard size, his work would not have the same "wow" factor.

Right before a trip to Italy I went back into Peter's studio for a little inspiration. After studying his work and speaking with a sales rep about his printing process I decided to shoot, print, and frame a shot in Italy for the absolute cheapest price without losing the "wow" factor that Peter's work has. This is how I did it.


Today it is so easy to stitch images together that you could shoot a picture like this with practically any camera with manual control and the more images you take, the more megapixels the final prodcut will be. Don't think that you have to have some ultra expensive camera to get quality images. I went to Italy with only 1 camera (D7000) and 1 lens (Sigma 17-50mm). If I had brought a longer lens I could have zoomed in more and taken even more pictures for a higher megapixel image but I was so far away (and I could only zoom to 50mm) so only 3 images fit. 3, 16mp images combined into one made for one ultra sharp image though.



The metallic print from really did look like it was printed on metal and it definitely has that "backlit" look that people say Lik's work has. The print in the video can not come close to the way that it actually looks in person. As I said at the end of the video, this paper looks fantastic but it is so reflective it has to be perfectly flat to look it's best. I would highly suggest bringing your print to a professional, getting them to mount it on gatorboard and then using the mirror for something else (it actually is a really nice mirror).

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. It is very different than our other stuff but we thought we would give it a try. We are really ramping up our video production and in the near future we hope to bring you an original video each week.

Here is the Youtube version of the same video:

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Patrick Hall's picture

Yep, camera on a slider

Michael Lieberman's picture

I recently went to his gallery, and it seems like he is using a new print method - images have the same qualities but appear to be floating between pieces of acrylic. William Carr appears to use something similar called Euroflex? Can anyone comment?

Perhaps you should have learned SOMETHING about framing and archival materials first. If I put my mind to it, I am sure I could have come up with a worse way to do this, but it would take some thought.

Nice work Lee! Thanks for sharing. I started to make my own frames recently. If you own the correct tools, it's super cheap! Go BIG!

Great video...
I saw peter likk's pic and correct me if im worng, but the paper has som 3d texture.
Does bayphoto do an international shipment?

Nice work Lee, looks great! Lik uses an acrylic face mount process. I'm not entirely sure the exact details of how his work is done - the patented diasec way where silicon is used or the more common and likely the only way it's done in the States using optimount. We have producing these Peter Lik "like" presentations on acrylic for the past 5 years out of Seattle. The acrylic has unique properties in that light is refracted within the acrylic to really illuminate the image and bring out the colors. It gives the piece the pop and WOW factor that is truly stunning particularly at very large scale. Add metallic paper to the mix and its enhanced even further. Someone commented on lighting being a big factor. That is true as well. With the right lighting the piece will almost look backlit. Anyway, we work with pro photographers all the time. You can see our work here (there is a video but some of the process has changed) and feel free to ask any questions.

Great... Im about to have one of my shots printed as a thank you gift... and am desperate to try this approach.... thank you

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Yeah um, I think I'm kind of screwed now. Just ordered the 30x60 from BayPhoto and Bed Bath and Beyond has no idea what the hell I'm talking about. All other frames cost around 200+ (eating way into my profits) -____-