Win An ALL EXPENSE Paid Trip To The Fstoppers Workshop In Paradise Plus $300 Gear Rental

If you wanted to attend the Fstoppers workshops in the Bahamas but don't have the money, you have one last chance to win an all expense paid trip that covers your flight, hotel, 4 classes, and $300 gear rental. We are giving away one last ALL EXPENSE paid trip to one lucky winner that can upload a short video of themselves explaining why they should have this opportunity and what gear they will rent from 


We've received a lot of requests from people that want to attend the workshop but simply don't have the money. So, in an effort to give one more person the opportunity of a lifetime, we are giving away an all expense paid trip to the Fstoppers workshops in the Bahamas this May 28th to June 2nd. Christmas just came early, folks.

How To Enter

  1. To enter, simply create a 30 second or less video that explains why you should be the winner of this contest AND tell us what gear you would rent from and why. There is no limit on how many times you can enter. This can be done from a phone, computer, or camera. Please remember that quality of the video is not important but the message that you convey is what matters. Focus on your message.
  2. Upload the video to Facebook and tag Michael Grecco, Phlearn, Rob Grimm, Dixie Dixon,, Fstoppers, and also use the tag #fstoppersworkshops2014. Please also include a link to in the text. If you do not tag all of these people your video will not be considered as valid so please make sure you tag everyone listed. Click on each person above to go directly to their Facebook page.
  3. You can make a duplicate video entry to Instagram as well and tag Michael Grecco, Phlearn, Rob Grimm, Dixie Dixon,, Fstoppers, and also use the tag #fstoppersworkshops2014. Please also include a link to in the text of your post. Please note that there is a 15 second limit to your Instagram videos so plan accordingly and post a bunch. Click on each person above to go directly to their Instagram page.
  4. The winner will be announced on on Wednesday April 23rd at 4pm Central Standard Time. So your entries should be submitted well before that time if you would like to be considered. Submit your videos ASAP.

How Did We Do This?

  1. Michael Grecco, Dixie Dixon, Rob Grimm, and Aaron Nace have all donated the funds to pay for your flight down to the Bahamas.
  2. will be paying for your entire hotel for your stay in the Bahamas.
  3. has also donated a $300 gift card for you to rent some new gear for your classes in the Bahamas.
  4. Fstoppers and the four instructors have donated all of their classes for absolutely free.

What Will You Win?

  1. One roundtrip flight from an airline from the USA. You will receive a gift certificate for a maximum of $600 to pay for your flight. Anyone that can fly out of the USA can win this contest. If your flight exceeds $600 you will be expected to cover the difference.
  2. Your hotel stay to accommodate you for the length of the 4 classes in the Bahamas.
  3. A 300$ gift certificate to rent gear from

What Classes Will You Win?

  1. 5/28 High Fashion Swimwear Workshop with Dixie Dixon.
  2. 5/29 The Environmental Portrait, Photographing People In Their Space with Michael Grecco.
  3. 5/31 Retouching and Compositing with Aaron Nace
  4. 6/1 The Complete Lighting Guide For Product Photography with Rob Grimm

Please note that you cannot change classes or pick other instructors. This prize has no cash value and may not be sold or transferred.

Who Is Eligible?

  1. You must be available from May 27th (fly in date) to June 2nd (fly out date) to Nassau.
  2. You must be able to pay for your food while in the Bahamas. You will NOT be given a stipend of any kind for your workshops.
  3. You must have a valid passport that will allow you entrance into the Bahamas. Please check your passport to verify it isn't expired.
  4. You must be able to fly out of the USA and into the Bahamas.
  5. You must have a great attitude.

How Will We Pick The Winner?

The winner of the contest will be voted on by Michael Grecco, Dixie Dixon, Phlearn, RGG Photo,, and Fstoppers. Whoever uploads the best video with the most valid reason why they should win, how this will help their business, and what gear they will rent from will win. There is no limit to how many times you can enter. The more you get our attention with video posts that tag everyone in it, the better chance you will have to win.

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WERE CONSIDERING GOING TO THIS CLASS, THE LAST DAY TO RECEIVE A DISCOUNT HOTEL FARE IS TOMORROW APRIL 22ND. To book your hotel for the event please go to or call 1-800-386-4786 with the group code Fstoppers.


Fstoppers Workshop Trailer


RGG Photo Workshop Trailer

Aaron Nace Trailer

Michael Grecco Trailer

Dixie Dixon Trailer


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Samten Norbù's picture

To bad that is only apply for US resident as it's a international level class :(
... here in France we don't have much opportunity for this kind of event !

Good luck for all of you and congrats for the future winner ;)

Zach Sutton's picture

I imagine the problem is that $600 flight certificate probably wouldn't cover the flight expenses for someone outside the US.

Samten Norbù's picture

True ... but a quick check on internet give me a 800€ flight ( 1000$ ) so if it's just to cover the difference it's quite affordable ... even for me ;) )

But I really get that it would be more organization for them :(

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

give me your best video on why you want to come from Europe, or wherever you are, and I will make sure that the 600$ credit will go towards a flight to the US or direct to the Bahamas.

Samten Norbù's picture

There is still a big issue : I'm not allowed to tag the people mentionned in this page ! They have to allow people to tag them in video ;)

Here is the video :

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

Samten. You can use the gift certificate for an international flight and put the 600$ towards a European direct flight (if you can find one) to the Bahamas.

Chris Blair's picture

This is awesome! Workshops with 4 of my favorite photogs... all for free? Hmm, $300...will that cover new Canon 24-70 2.8 for a week?

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

Chris you can just borrow ours and rent other stuff.

Chris Blair's picture

Sweet, I'm in. Sent you an email with the link... was having issues with the Facebook tags...put the #fstoppersworkshops2014 on.

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

This is not just open to US residents. Anyone can win.

david pino's picture

Hi Gary,

I can't add any of the artists TAGS in the facebook posting. It keeps saying I dont have permission to add that tag?

Specifically: Phlearn / Fstoppers / and one other do not show up as possible tags I can place at all despite following the person :(

Samten Norbù's picture

Have a look to the answer I made to Russel S. Mendenhall here ...

david pino's picture

Tried what you requested above, still not able. the tag names do not show up for selection and the ones that do say "do not have permission" when I try and finish editing the post....

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

make sure to use the hashtag #fstoppersworkshops2014 on Instagram and Facebook and we will see your video.

Samten Norbù's picture

apparently the hashtag is not working in my video :s

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

Your hashtag is working fine. Your video is showing up in my #fstoppersworkshops2014 hashtag feed! I am running this contest so this is your official "we received your video and thanks" confirmation

Samten Norbù's picture

Great :) thank's so :)

Gary Winchester Martin's picture


Just make sure to use the tag #fstoppersworkshops2014 in your Instagram AND Facebook post and I will see it. The hashtag is the most important thing in posting your video.

rtimko's picture

Not all of my videos (especially my 'main' video) are showing up, despite being properly hashtagged. :(

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

you are right. it looks like you hashtagged everything correctly. It appears that Facebook is to blame for this. Good thing you are posting a bunch.

Samuel Clemens's picture

This is freaking amazing. Making my video right now. AHHHHHHHHH

Zach Sutton's picture

Good luck to everyone

Austin Rogers's picture

Nice! I'd definitely go for renting a D4 for the week (comes in at just under $300!). Too bad this isn't open to the writers. :)

Rebecca Britt's picture

Yeah no kidding.

Good luck everyone!

Rebecca Britt's picture

I'm really bummed that I can't make it. Can I quit writing for FS, just so that I can do this contest???

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

I don't see why not

Rebecca Britt's picture

But then who would do Picture of the Day? :(

In all seriousness though this is probably one of the best opportunities in a lifetime! Seize it! Because I totally would if I could!!!

I have a group of thirsty EDM Photographers busting out their DSLRs to try and win this thing! Good luck to everyone who enters!

John White's picture

Already seeing some great entries. Good luck guys!

rtimko's picture

I love this! I NEED this. I made a few videos on instagram and my facebook. Only one of my facebook ones are showing up when I click the hashtag though, so I hope you see them all!

Austin Burke's picture

I cant seem to tag some of the people in the post any reason why? I can't seem to get Dixie Dixon tag, but I can tag a page called Dixie Dixon, but its not the same page you guys have linked too. anyways uploading the video now, super cheesy but i guess its slightly more creative than just talking into the camera. Wish I had more time to film it rather than 10 minutes and a 20 minute edit before work.

Samten Norbù's picture

see the answer I made to Russel S. Mendenhall here ...

david pino's picture

Im with ya.... I'm working a 48 hour shift right now and finish on the 22nd at 10PM.... I've got like, 0 time :( lol.

But i DID ask for the days off, JUST INCASE, lolol.

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

make a series of short and funny videos on Instagram using your phone with the hashtag #fstoppersworkshops2014 until you are able to make the video you want to make. Remember you can make as many as you want. #hinthint

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

Austin this link doesn't work. Did you use the hashtag #fstoppersworkshops2014 in your post becuase I don't see you anywhere in the hashtag que of videos.

Brandy Yowell's picture

I won the RGG Photo Fstoppers 4 day Class Giveaway and boy was I flying high (figuratively, of course) when I found out I won, but this is the Mac Daddy of giveaways right here! What an amazing opportunity!

Everyone should be sending in a video right now!

Good luck to everyone who enters! I look forward to meeting the winner at the workshop and, hey, maybe we can share a room, since, ya know, I still have to pay for mine. :)


Bry Photography

Russell Mendenhall's picture

It won't let me tag any of the people/pages requested! Help me please!

Samten Norbù's picture

I couldn't either but there is a way. But first you need to be sure that you've liked their pages. And you need to add the page's name on the description of the video. You won't be able to use the "tag" function ...

david pino's picture

I tried that didnt work. I adde their names to the description... still dont have some of the names show up for tagging, and the one that does (Michael Grecco) says I dont have permission to tag this person?

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

Just make sure to use the #fstoppersworkshops2014 hashtag and you will be fine. Feel free to send me a link to the video as well at

david pino's picture

Thanks Gary! Fingers Crossed!

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

Just make sure you are tagging either Instagram or Facebook videos with the hashtag #fstoppersworkshops2014

Noam Galai's picture

Wish i could win

Gary Winchester Martin's picture

Guys, from our RGG Photo Facebook page I am seeing all of your hashtags of #fstoppersworkshops2014. If you think your video isn't showing up, please e-mail me a link to the video at

Valerie Bybee's picture

HELP!!! Facebook is not letting me tag Michael Grecco and Dixie Dixon even though I follow their pages and and like them.

Wes Jerdon's picture

Here is a "rap" video I did for my entry, LOL!

"In the bahamas with Fstoppers is where I want to be
Chillin with Aaron, Michael, Rob and the lovely Dixie
Excuse LensRental can I get an 85 please?
I'd love to join you on your tropical odyssey
With my toes in the sand, and my hand on my canon,
Slow your role every body, im talking about my camera"

Trevor Schneider's picture

I couldn't tag anyone either, but I got the hashtag working. I mentioned everyone in the description. Is this ok?

Andrew Sible's picture

This looks simply AMAZING. I would be so ecstatic to win this, good luck everyone!

Stephanie Thomson's picture

I am just sitting here waiting for the winner to be announced... hoping it's my name!! This would really get me to a place where I am confident enough to move on with my career in photography. I'm a young photographer with a huge passion to do this and I would love to be able to learn from the amazing photographers that are teaching. The fact that this workshop is in the Bahamas is just an added bonus, it's the knowledge I'm seeking!!