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Submit you best images featuring repetition for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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Our next episode of Critique the Community will feature a fairly subjective topic. We invite you to submit your best images that give a sense of "repetition." 

We don't to limit your creativity with this topic but if you need a little direction, you probably can't go wrong with images that feature patterns or reoccurring action similar to the featured image supplied by Jason Vinson. Feel free to submit up to two of your best images that represent the theme. You'll have until December 6th to get your entries in. From the entries, we'll be selecting a total of 20 images to give feedback to. We will also select two winners who will receive a free Fstoppers tutorial of their choice.  The first winner will be based on the highest rated community image and the second will be chosen randomly. 

Whether you're entering the contest or not, we encourage you to scroll through the entries and provide your own ratings and feedback. The goal of this series is to help each other improve so we ask that you keep your comments helpful and encouraging. 

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 07 Dec 18 04:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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I'd like to suggest the topic of "Stage Photography" for the next Critique the Community episode. For example, photography of performers on a stage in a theater, acting or dancing, and so on.

Skye Leake's picture

Good Idea, I like it there are some spectacular concert shots out there and they are not trivial to shoot. you have limited/no control of the scene and they are often low-light.

As an enthusiast of landscapes I would like to see "atmosphere". Anything that gives the feeling of a volumetric scene - this could be fog or haze both in a landscape or the feeling of atmosphere in a venue - say at a concert.

Exactly! The fact that it's low-light, for me, is the most challenging one.

We could go for a very clean minimalist scene, to a very complex environments with those atmosphere effects you talked about, like in a big production perhaps.. it would be very cool to see and experiment! :)

Taylor MacDonald's picture

I think that a very interesting idea for your next critique the community would be Arial photography! Drone photography is a very interesting genre of photography because it allows a vantage point you can never achieve from the ground and will give some very unique perspectives on landscapes and city scapes!
Also I love your work!
My wife and I recently purchased photographing the world 1 and have been blown away by your work!!!
Elia is the best teacher! We are trying to get all of our friends to buy these tutorials as well!!!!
We would love to get our hands on the new photographing the world tutorial and was wondering if you guys ever do give aways?

Either way keep doing what your doing we have been loving all the content you have been releasing!!!

Also a very good idea! I'd like to watch that one too!

Benjamin Harding's picture

Critique idea not sure how to explain it properly but symmetry in scenes you wouldnt normally find it, so excluding man made structures or landscaping

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

This could possibly go fast into the "macro" direction :D

Matthias Dengler's picture

I'd like to suggest the topic that Lee and Patrick critique their own work :)

i would love to see some more fashion and beauty as well as portraits :)

Dawson Renaud's picture

I would like to suggest an App for FStoppers!! I love reading the posts by everyone but it kind of sucks looking at it on a mobile device, would love a nice fast app!

Dan Grayum's picture

I just joined recently and thought the same thing.

Sef Herrera's picture

Since I am a new member here, would it be possible to repeat some of the "categories" so new members could also join. If possible, some limits could be set like, open for new members only, or new submissions only. Thanks

Sef Herrera's picture

Although I'm still going through all the FStoppers contests on YT (there's a LOT), I hadn't seen any contest for fireworks, bokeh, industrial, and abstract/artsy categories.

Jordan McChesney's picture

It seems to me that fireworks are the red headed stepchild of photography, along with flowers. I’ve been told that nobody wants to see pictures of fireworks because they are “cliche”.

Sef Herrera's picture

fireworks or flowers may be cliche but it doesn't mean they couldn't be categories.

Adriano Brigante's picture

I think it would make it even more interesting, because it's harder to be original and creative.

colognepaparazzo's picture

One thing that should be changed about the voting system is, that voting should only be possible after the submission deadline has been reached. And furthermore it needs an algorithm that considers the different number of votes. Comparing a photo that has got 60 or more votes with a photo that has only got 10 votes is quite unfair.

Yoav Eshel's picture

What about street photography as a topic for the next critique the community?

Francisco B's picture

There are obvious bias' on this site, and one thing Ive noticed is I rarely see street photography posted here. This is a fine idea.

Andrei Irimia's picture

I'm kinda disappointed nobody posted the same picture twice to fit the repetition theme.

spg's picture

I don‘t get it;-)

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

For a moment I thought about adding this comment, but then I decided it was too meta.

Levente Boros's picture

For a second I thought about adding a comment, but then I thought it was too meta.

Contest idea! Anachronisms, photos taken recently that look like they were taken in another era.

Andrei Irimia's picture

That idea sounds interesting, but as far as I know, Fstoppers contests have very vanilla themes that don't inherently push for any creativity or experimentation.

Adriano Brigante's picture

Excellent idea. I already know what camera I would use: my 1917' Kodak No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie. 😎

Refrac Sean's picture

I like most of the suggestions!
Also, how about a theme for critique based on photos 'Inspired by <insert famous photographer name> style'
I know it only pays to develop your own creative style but along the way we have all been inspired by some photographer and it's a good learning experience to understand what makes that style. We are all standing on the backs of giants and it's always good to pay a little homage in my opinion.

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