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Submit you best images featuring repetition for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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We chose 20 images submitted for this week's theme of repetition to provide feedback to. Do you think Lee and Patrick were fair in their critiques? 

Congratulations to our two winners of this weeks episode. John Laluma submitted the highest community rated image and philippe bertrand was chosen as the winner of the randomly selected entrant. We will be in touch with you to claim a free Fstoppers tutorial of your choice! 

If you missed your chance to participate in this week's episode, join us next time by submitting your street photos now. 

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 07 Dec 18 04:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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Hmm good one, I don't think we've done that yet.

Concert Photography

What about boudoir for next contest?

Lee Morris Patrick Hall I took the winning photo for this contest and I bracketed 5 shots and pulled down the highlights to reveal the blue sky.

Thank you for the critique and keep on rocking guys!

I did the Coke cans and thanks for the critique. You are spot on with the technical issues with the image and it is a very old image of mine.

These days I would do a lot of things differently with it but I'm reluctant to buy all those Cokes again as I actually don't drink Coke or Pepsi! LOL

I did the two girls/women (they are twins by the way) lying down photo, Patrick you were spot on with the cameras being put in there just for the heck of it, exactly what is on my mind when we did the shoot, i do have a photo without the cameras though. And Lee was right with hands/fingers being too straight/stiff it really looks unnatural. Thank you guys.

The lighting and overall tone of your image was excellent.

How do you choose the images for review ? Random ?

We try to choose a balance of styles and levels of quality weighted a little toward the higher rated photos. We also try to incorporate any image that might spark an interesting discussion. The choices are note completely random.

I did the palm tree farm. They are date palms. Spot on critique. Thanks guys. The crop is a bit off. There was also a fence I was trying to avoid. The line running through the desert is the border between Israel and Jordan. Guess I could have cloned it out.

Hey Guys!!!! I shot the guy with the guitar. Thank you so much for your critiques. I love This community . It’s a cool spot!!!!

Your hearts pierced with bone are actually chicken lollipops. Easy to make.

Night photography since is the hardest kind of pictures, in my opinion

Next genre idea: BIRDS
Challenging photography on so many levels.

Next Genra idea: Winter/Snow

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