My Website Got One Simple, Almost Unnoticeable Update That Truly Rocks

My Website Got One Simple, Almost Unnoticeable Update That Truly Rocks

I'm not sure when it happened, but sometime in the last couple weeks my website received one simple update that filled in the single complaint I had with the design: it made right clicking to save my images to your desktop a thing of the past. I received no notice and ran into this update by mistake, but I might be happier with my service more now than ever.

Before I start getting all the claims that I was paid to write this, stop. I was not. Like I said, I was not even notified that any change had happened. I quite literally stumbled upon it while visiting my own site a few days ago.

One of the major reasons people choose Flash-based websites is image protection, since you can't right click and "Save As" anything. But unfortunately, with Flash the mobile options can be pretty terrible. Instead of allowing free-clicking on my website, any image in a gallary now shows an arrow pointing ahead or behind, making it effectively impossible to target any image in a gallery. While I'm sure there are ways you can still view the source and find a .jpg in there or even take a screen capture, this is a big step in the right direction and will serve to deter a lot of thieves.

This feature rocks. It's like Flickr or SmugMug. It's awesome and completes the amazing and totally responsive design that makes modern websites so darn good. Also, if you're a fan of playing with how websites react to you, resize the window on my website and you will see I don't actually have a specific mobile site, but a website that is responsive to the screen sizes. This is the optimal way for a website to be designed.


I now have zero complaints with my website. It's exactly, in every way, what I wanted when I originally scoped out website options and I could not be happier.

UPDATE: Ok so apparently my 100% Mac lifestyle means that I was oblivious to the fact that some PCs are still giving the option to right-click. Not sure if this will be updated over time by Squarespace, but it also doesn't change how I feel about their proactive approach to making my website better.

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Except it's still so, so easy to get the source images and save them.

This is a really pointless post. You *may* deter non-savvy users; but, anyone determined to steal your images will find a way. As you mention, it is quite easy to simply view the source and find a link. Pinterest's "Pin It" button makes finding the images even simpler.

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I did mention that when there is a will there is a way. I just happen to really appreciate active updates, especially ones that remove the "Save As" option.

I get that; but, what you have written is really not worth writing. Having read your other work, I know you can do better. Publishing fluff like this just screams "I need to meet my quota or get more page views!"

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I'll certainly take your opinion to heart, but I have no quotas. I saw this feature, really liked it and felt like sharing.

well said Jaron

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Well you clearly didn't get that. He explicitly said that there are ways for people to view the source file or screen capture to grab the image, but the whole point of it is to make it less accessible than what length an average Joe would be willing to go.

Quota or not, you're not paying to read the stuff on here. I think the author thought this was a cool update, so he thought it'd worth mentioning. If you don't find this post useful, maybe others will. Stop being so bitter and move on with your life. Nothing to see here.

For mac users out there, a simple push of Command + Shift + 4 will give them the ability to just just highlight whatever they want on the screen and capture it to nearly any format without right clicking. If someone really wants to steal your picture, they will.

The "save as" button works just fine. It's probably platform dependant. You don't even leave the metadata in, or a copywrite notice, so all your images become orphaned works.

Yeah, because that makes it ok.

No it doesn't. But it makes sense to protect yourself from having your work regarded as orphaned.

And how would you do that, when many photo oriented websites strip metadata and the like?

I'm using chrome on a windows pc and I can still simply right click and press save as..

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right click, save ass

Yeah, I still think Photoshelter has the best image security that I've found. Will most people know how to yank that image from the source code? Maybe not, but are you really protecting yourself from most people? Beside screenshotting an image it's hard to steal off Photoshelter, anyone else found any other ways?

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I wish you would just put a large amateur looking logo across the face of your subject in the photo. A enormous distracting logo should do the job!

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Maybe with a script font or a massive caricatured camera with an over-emphasized aperture symbol.

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you website could use more content... only 2 images in your "paint it black" gallery. only 8 portraits in your "portrait gallery and 4 are pretty much the exact same. just my 2 cents :)

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Thanks for that, and I don't disagree. I'm very selective about what I put on my site and I might be discerning to a fault.

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i know how you feel! was the same way for a while. Zack Arias has a good little write up on his Q&A blog about the topic. something along the lines of... if you don't have enough images to fill the gallery then it doesn't need to be a gallery, and put up what you have to work with, keep shooting, and replace what you don't like with the latest and greatest. that way your site has content. if you always wait to put up what you are happy with, then you'll never put anything up. Us photographers are never happy! lol

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by the way your product photography on black looks amateur. You have the typical "double reflection" from shooting on a mirror. If you are going to shoot small products on black do so on Acrylic.

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Wow personal attack much???

Let's see your portfolio.

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Not personal attack simply constructive criticism.

Feel free to comment or criticize anything on my site.

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Kinda hard when your website doesn't load.

ha ha ha, awesome!

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Didn't shoot on a mirror. You're certainly entitled to your opinion though. Everything done in my images was intentional, whether you like it or not.

Do what you like, but you'll never stop someone from taking a screen shot. It's a sad fact.

Wow. I mean, just wow!! The amount of bitter, downright - trollish comments on fstoppers is just beyond me. It's as if anyone and everyone who's had a bad day comes on here, only to rip apart the authors, start virtual flame wars, and pretend to be the know-it-all, can-do-better, all from the comfort and anonymity of their internet username.

Here are some clever words I had read recently, that I think some of you should abide by:

Before you speak ask yourself:
- Is it kind?
- is it necessary?
- is it true?

Personally, I think it's time to find a different venue for me to frequent. So long..