Challenge: How Much Retouching Can You Finish In 6 Minutes?

Challenge: How Much Retouching Can You Finish In 6 Minutes?

 is challenging you to see just how much retouching you can finish in 6 minutes. Dubbed the Dirty Edit Challenge, Jeff explains that sometimes you don't need to go overboard for certain clients. Maybe you're not getting paid enough, or maybe you have a ton of images that need retouching. In either situation, this is a great way to see what your strengths and weaknesses are in Photoshop. 

Take the Dirty Edit Challenge yourself to see what you can accomplish in the slotted time. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. Test yourself to see if you can yield a good end product. You may be surprised. Maybe you'll find that you're spending too much time in post. Post your reults in the comments section, and don't cheat!

I decided to challenge myself to see how much retouching I could reasonably get done in 6 minutes. Why is it called the dirty edit challenge? It doesn't have to be perfect. This is a "Good Enough" edit for your average client. I was able to clean up blemishes, enhance facial features, clean up some stray hairs and enhance a bit of the makeup; all without plugins.


[via iso1200]


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Man, 6min is very little time. hsahahahahahah For me at least...

Agreed. That's why it's a challenge!! :-)

Well, it all depends on the image and what has to be done to it.

I suppose it helps if your model has practically flawless skin.

01:23 Layer 4- Why?
02:02 before better than after?

No - I think they look almost the same in the video.

This is dangerous thinking when retouching. I get the concept, but you can wind up degrading your work if you start to get into this kind of habit. I occasionally retouch at a studio that wants no more than 15 minutes spent on any one image. The nature of some of the imagery can allow for it, but a chunk of it definitely suffers. You can bet that none of that stuff is in my portfolio.


1. Start with a model that has flawless skin
2. Open image in photoshop
3. ???
4. Profit

Well I know for a fact no real skin retouching is going to take place... Action city here I come! lol

Patch tool for clean up? That's different and time consuming