The Conclusion of the Fstoppers Versus SLR Lounge Rematch

Lee Morris recently flew out to LA to compete with Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge in an epic shoot-off to see who is the better photographer. You won't be disappointed by this challenge. 

If you missed the first round of this competition, Pye flew out to Puerto Rico and competed with Lee in a fashion shoot in the streets of San Juan. The competition and results of that challenge can be found here.

In their most recent photography battle, Pye hosted Lee on his home turf in the SLR Lounge Studio. Instead of a fashion portrait, the challenge was to shoot Pye's business partner, an exercise enthusiast, with a variety of men's fitness looks. Throughout the shoot, both photographers brought out some excellent shooting techniques. However, the real talent that shined throughout the shoot was Lee's ability to smack-talk and get inside Pye's head. 

Get the full details of the shoot from Pye's article over at SLR Lounge.

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David Penner's picture

I was laughing so hard watching that. The trash talking the whole time to end up losing badly. Lol

heikoknoll's picture

well. . I don´t know. . .concerning the video itself hats off to the editor who had to put this all together. Concerning Lee´s behaviour I found it over the top and more than just "trash talk" - mainly because he is just too loud literally throwing Pye off less by what he says but by the way he just completely interrupts his whole work process. Kicking gear around -- they must be really good friends otherwise I myself would have stopped the whole show right there. Concerning the images themselves, I don´t agree that Lee ruined his images in post. I believe the cool tonal balance suits the images very well (as Pye correctly states, they stand out from a business point of view -- which is what Fstoppers promotes when judging images, i.e. if they should be in your portfolio so that you can make money off of them). The last image of Lee is an especially fine image which stands out I think. Here again the cool white balance harmonize really well with the "cool" geometrical pattern of the background (I would have only gotten rid of that black box thing on the wall on the lower left of the frame). Pye´s images on the other hand are actually the classic "fitness" images which also would go well with customers -- but they are indeed nothing new in how they portray the subject. Cheers, Heiko

Celso Mollo's picture


I love Fstoppers and I know some of what you are doing is staged but man if any of the opinions you put out there is real, I have to agree with your own statement “You are delusional”
Maybe you want to try a competition against a Fstoppers member and fan “me” and maybe, only maybe you might have a chance of winning.😂😂😂😂

Chris Slasor's picture

Awww Lee - I love you and Patrick so much, but I have to agree with Pye, you lost that in Post! Your SOC images looked better than after you processed them, they look cold and underexposed. I think you need to leave Alien Skin behind and get back to Lightroom! I do love these contests though!