Doing What You Love and Earning a Living From It: One Photographer's Journey

Many of us feel the allure of a career as a professional photographer, the sort of mystique that surrounds going into any creative field. On the other hand, that's often tempered by financial and practical concerns. This great video talks about one man's journey from the 9-5 to professional photographer.

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this awesome video tells his story of how he transitioned into being a full-time professional photographer. Many of us have a story along the same lines: we've always felt a creative impulse or a calling toward something outside the standard professions, and after a major life event, we reevaluate our priorities and the time we've been given and decide to follow our hopes and dreams. As Danson mentions, it takes a tremendous amount of work and a strict and unrelenting commitment to always producing top-quality content in every aspect, as the bar is constantly being raised, particularly as the landscape becomes more and more saturated with content. Nonetheless, if it's what you love, all that work is certainly worthwhile, and it can be a very rewarding and fulfilling life. Just be sure that you're always realistic about what it entails and what's possible and that you stay committed. 

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This was a cool post. I like that he put more emphasis on growth rather than some lame steps that won't work.

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I stopped watching it when he said "my heart literally stopped" I feel uncomfortable watching a dead man.

Alex Cooke's picture

His heart did literally stop. He talks about it more in the video.

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OK, I guess I should go finish watching it then.

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Well, damn...

Thanks for telling me, Alex, it was worth the watch.

What was really cool was that ‘landscape’ dog! I want one :)