Edit Your Videos Faster Than Ever with Ripple Delete Tools in Premiere

Editing, trimming, and moving around clips on your timeline can require more time than it should, especially if you don’t use the ripple delete tools. In this short tutorial, Nathaniel Dodson from Tutvid shows you how them to save some valuable time.

No one likes to sit for hours in front of a computer when it’s not necessary. Editing the timeline of a video is one of those things you wish could go faster, especially when you are a vlogger or when you just put together video tutorials. Thanks to Adobe Premiere and the ripple edit tools and keyboard shortcuts, there are ways to save a bit of time and make the whole process smoother.

Instead of cutting clips and audio before then moving them around manually while being careful to snap each sequence in the right place, the ripple delete tools will take care of most of the trouble for you. However, there are limitations and things to know before using these tools blindly. Dodson explains in the video above some of the issues you may run into and how to avoid them. Once you learn about these keyboard shortcuts and tools as well as their limitations, you’ll start using them all the time! They are a huge help in cutting editing time drastically.

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