Five Ways to Get the Cinematic Film Look Using Your DSLR

When it comes to filmmaking, a really popular look is the cinematic look. This is something that can be really difficult to perfect especially when you're first starting out in the industry. Fortunately, Armando Ferreira, a YouTuber and filmmaker has provided some techniques that are relatively easy to implement. The great thing about the techniques outlined in this video is that they're either completely free to do or may only cost a small amount, making them very viable. Personally, what I love about the techniques Ferreira discusses is that they're so simple to do and even a complete beginner shouldn't find them too difficult.

To begin with, simply adding some black bars to the top and bottom of the clip can really change the look and feel of your video. Many Hollywood films are shot with a much wider aspect ratio than what a typical DSLR will shoot at and just this one little step can make a huge difference. My favorite technique that Ferreira discusses is how to use smoke to make your video look more cinematic. The way that light beams look through smoke is definitely very pleasing to look at and the equipment he discusses is inexpensive relatively speaking. The thing that this video also demonstrates is that the Hollywood style cinematic look, can be achieved without a significant budget, and the little touches you add to your clips can really make all the difference. 

What's your best tip for achieving that cinematic look?

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