Four Tips for Photographing Christmas Day

I am not an event photographer; the thought of doing so brings out in me a flush of anxiety and perspiration. However, as Christmas Day approaches, being the camera owner of the family, I am thrust into the position. Here are four tips for getting through the day. 

For the past decade, there has been an expectation that I take the Christmas photos. As a profession, I photograph food, carefully curated and contrived in a studio environment. It is my passion. Photographing relatives opening presents in a high-pressure situation is my idea of hell on earth. It might as well be a wedding for me. If your day-to-day work is macro, landscapes, still life product photography, or anything that isn't event work, you are probably wondering why you have been asked to tackle such a feat, but your family will see your flashy camera and assume that you are the perfect person for the job. However, some of you will relish the opportunity to take these images, but I would rather enjoy the day with my family. 

Over the years, I have come up with a few hacks to get me through the day while still being able to enjoy myself, have a drink, and eat so much food that I need to pull out my Christmas trousers. Thanks to beautifully silent mirrorless cameras and smartphones, a lot of the day can be covered via a time-lapse. Then, with GoPros and a few choice images here and there, the workload can really be brought down to a minimum while still pleasing everyone. 

How do you go about tackling the photography aspect of Christmas day?

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