How to Add a Glitch Effect to Your Videos

It’s always good to know several different editing techniques to add visual effects to your project, as you will never know when you'll need them. Adding visual effects to your videos can make your amateurish video look more professional, just as long as you don’t go overboard with them. One effect you may have seen before is the glitch effect, in which you purposely cause your frames to mess up to give the look of a technical issue in the film.

There are a few different ways to give your video a glitch effect, Peter McKinnon shows us a pretty simple way to do it all in Adobe Premiere Pro without using additional plugins. It's all created in a few minutes by slicing up a few frames in your video, afterward deleting a few, and then making some adjustments to create the glitch effect. By combining it with some audio noise, it brings the effect all together in the video pulling off a pretty simple yet convincing glitch effect. This could be a great starting point if you wanted to go further with the effect, maybe add some warping effect or even a pixelization effect in unison with the glitch effect. some even have large color blocks coming in and out of the frames. Either way, you know can add this effect to your videos without purchasing anything extra. Happy editing!

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Removed video, deleted youtube account. wtf

It's still up, just checked the video and the channel.