How to Add Lipstick to a Subject Using Photoshop

Lipstick can be a great addition that can complement a subject's eyes or really help a colorful portrait pop all the more. If the subject wasn't wearing it already, this helpful video will show you how to convincingly add it after the fact using Photoshop. 

Of course, it's always great if you have a makeup artist or your subject wears lipstick to the shoot, but sometimes, you sit down to your computer and realize you would prefer to change something, which is why Photoshop was given to us by the ancient photographers all those millennia ago (or something like that). Coming to you from Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect, this helpful video will show you how to properly add it in a way that matches how lipstick behaves under light. It's more than just changing the color of the lips, as lipstick also adds shine and depth, and by working with the highlights and shadows separately in tandem with using multiple solid color adjustment layers and the Blend-if sliders, you can effectively mimic the look. And remember, while the video shows a traditional red color, the technique should work for just about any color you'd like. 

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Looks perfect for some photos of that Twidiot in the White House.

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It was really useful, Thanks