How to Change Someone's Eye Color Using Photoshop

We're not all born with those piercing, ice blue eyes, and sometimes, you or your subject might want to change their eye color for one reason or another. It's not an overly difficult process, and this great tutorial will show you exactly how to do it using Photoshop. 

Coming to you from Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid, this awesome video will show you how to change someone's eye color convincingly using Photoshop. The trick comes mostly from using the colorize function of the hue/saturation adjustment. This changes the tool so that instead of adjusting color relative to what's already there, Photoshop works on an absolute scale and changes the color to whatever you select with no influence from what's there. This makes it much easier to dial in the exact color you want. Just remember to carefully mask in all the effects you add, lest you'll be left with some rather strange artifacts that will give the edit away. 

And of course, you don't have to stick to the standard human eye colors; if you're going for something a bit more abstract or experimental, try some unusual colors! Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Daniel Medley's picture

If one's goal is to stick with natural coloring--whatever it is--you can simply use a subtle Color Balance adjustment layer and paint it in. But based on the skin treatment of the subjects in the video to the point of looking more like bad CGI than actual people, "natural"--or anything even close--may not be the goal.

Kasimir Szekeres's picture

Using the word "realistic" in combination with a youtube cover image like this.

Geee.......thats some over processed skin work, really creepy!