How to Create LUTs With Photoshop

Ever wondered how to create your very own LUTs using only Photoshop? Look no further, Unmesh Dinda at PiXimperfect just released the perfect short and easy to follow tutorial for you.

LUTs have been used in videography for a while but few talked about it in the photography world until recent years. They are a wonderful tool to use to color grade a set of images the same way with simply one layer or give the same look to an image and a video clip. Some companies, such as, use this technique to offer people the presets that work no matter what app people are using, but it’s also very easy to create your own LUTs if you have access to Photoshop.

In the video above, Dinda shows you exactly how you can create yours in a matter of seconds. He even goes one step further to demonstrate where you can store your custom LUT to make it show in the Photoshop Color Lookup Table default drop-down menu, so you won’t ever have to search for it in your folders.

If you have never played around with LUTs before, this is a great way to start by creating your own and start playing around with it. It can definitely help save time your own post-processing workflow, and the fact that it is a cross-platform thing is fantastic.

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Quentin Décaillet is a photographer and retoucher based in Switzerland specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

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Well it's really useful to export a LUTs to others software. I did it a lot to work on FinalCut, or Cinema4D. Note that you can, from the LUTs, create a camera profile for Lightroom for thus who use it.

Anyway, I will use LUTs in photoshop for color balance and color grading only. And I prefer to use external Color Grading softwares :)

That's a very handy tip! He's an excellent teacher.

haven't watched the video yet but when you say cross platform, does this mean that it can be used in photoshop, lightroom and premiere pro?

Yes, it is what I meant :)