How to Edit Light and Airy Photos in Lightroom

Light and airy photos are one of the most popular looks nowadays for weddings, lifestyle portraits, and more. This excellent video will show you how to edit your images to get that look using nothing more than Lightroom. 

Coming to you from Vanessa Joy with Adorama TV, this helpful video shows you how she edits her photos to achieve a light and airy look in Lightroom, and though her focus is on wedding photos, the principles really apply to any genre you're shooting. Such photos are often popular with clients, because their bright nature can really communicate a sense of happiness and carefree joy — perfect for something like a wedding day or a family shoot. As Joy mentions, though, it's really important to not just rely on your post-processing technique to achieve the style, but to shoot with the final product in mind. Otherwise, you may find yourself pushing files to extremes and introducing a lot more work for yourself and possible issues with image quality due to the high level of editing. Notice how she doesn't really need to push her files far when she's set up the shot correctly. Check out the video above for the full rundown of her technique and some examples. 

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how can you not love her, she's like disco lemonade! great share [sheepish grin] :) soo much knowledge dropped in that video.