How to Mimick the Technicolor Two-Strip Look in 3D LUT Creator

If you wonder how people who keep only two complementary colors in their images do it, then look no further. You may not know what the Technicolor Two-Strip technique or Process 2 is, but mimicking it in post-production is what you’ve been looking for to achieve this distinctive look.

There are tons of way to emulate Process 2 in post. From Photoshop to video editors such as DaVinci, or even LUTs editors, the solutions are numerous. But in the video above Oleg Sharonov will show you how to do it with 3D LUT Creator and why it’s one of the best methods to achieve that specific look.

The process isn’t complicated, even if you are not used to 3D LUT Creator. The whole workflow is exceptionally well detailed in the video showing you how to achieve the Technicolor Two-Strip look and then refine it to your liking. Be sure to watch the video until the end as Sharonov will show you the same method on different images while using other tools to refine the look further.

3D LUT Creator is a powerful software and one that once you start to learn how to use can be extremely beneficial to your color work. If you are just getting started with it, be sure to check out Sharonov’s YouTube channel and its color grading introduction video:

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Rob Davis's picture

How about a link to the software and pricing info in the article?

Quentin Decaillet's picture

Links to the software website have been added. Pricing can be found on 3D LUT Creator's website – it varies depending on the license you choose.

Cool example of what can be done in 3D LUT Creator.