How to Remove a Chain Link Fence Using Photoshop

With Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill tool, remarkable things are possible. Join Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect as he runs you through a simple means of removing this chain link fence and throws in a plethora of other incredibly useful tips along the way.

Dinda has established a reputation as one of the leading Photoshop tutors on the internet and the amount of information that he gives away for free is quite remarkable. What I appreciate is that during this tutorial, he also includes advice on using layers and masks, keyboard shortcuts, smart objects, filters, field blur and tilt blur, the clone stamp tool and how to rotate it, and using a high pass filter to create a touch of sharpening.

What you also get is a free meditation on the subtle difference between simple and easy. The process that Dinda uses to remove the chain link fence is one, but arguably not the other, and those experienced in using Photoshop will be more than aware that sometimes, there’s no way to avoid doing time-consuming, repetitive tasks to get a job done.

Which techniques did you already know, and what others would you have thrown in? Leave a comment below.

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Charles Scott's picture

This guy keeps blowing my mind away with his ability to teach us such cool techniques and tricks. Keep it up bro.

Rod Kestel's picture

Okay, wow, that's impressive. You'd have to really want the photo to put this amount of work into it. Much better to um, take the photo without the fence.

Mark Harris's picture

What a great presenter. I usually don't have the patience to watch video tutorials because of all the empty babble, but this guy dives right in and stays efficient.

Paul Scharff's picture

I recall reading about two years ago about some program in development that would remove chain link fences in an instant. For some reason my memory attached Google to it, but that part is vague. I was thinking this was that kind of one-click solution. Taking the entire fence out by hand using CAF is pretty arduous to me.

Obviously depending on where you are, you can just blur through some fences. Most of us have been at a zoo and used our long and fast lenses to get, say, an eagle behind chain links and the links don't even show up.