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How to Remove Glare From Glasses Using Photoshop

A good studio photographer will know how to prevent glare from being captured in a subject’s spectacles, but it’s not always possible to avoid catching reflections during less controlled shoots. This detailed tutorial from Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect gives you a complete explanation of how to remove it.

As Dinda points out, this is only possible if you have some information to work with — if the eyes are completely gone, your only option will be to copy in the eyes from another photograph, assuming you have one! Sometimes, that can actually save you some time. I’ve shot my fair share of weddings and there’s been plenty of occasions when shooting group shots where one person has got their eyes closed, ruining an otherwise perfect photograph. The classic trick is to cut out the eyes from another photograph and paste them on top of the closed eyes — and this is a great reason for shooting multiple versions of the same group shot, even if you think you nailed it on the first go.

Dinda’s dodging and burning work requires some patience so while it’s definitely a useful skill to acquire, sometimes the quicker option is to steal the eyes from another photo.

If you’ve other suggestions on this process, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Paul Broomfield's picture

I've had photoshop my fair share of glare out of glasses, a little trick I use is to ask the person to tilt the arms of their glasses up a tiny bit, so the lens is pointing down and is no longer reflecting straight into the camera.