Improve Your Work by Understanding Color

When it comes to your images, how often do you think about the colors? Do you know what effects they could create or how to balance them together? Understanding color science can play a bigger role in your images than you thought.

Color combinations can leave a big impact on the final images, and understanding color theory can help achieve the moods you are trying to convey in your work. In this video coming from fashion, beauty, and commercial photographer Joanna Kustra, she explains in depth color theory and the different ways you can balance them together. The video is over an hour long, but it is very informative and is worth the time. I highly recommend watching the video in its entirety. 

A lot of us understand that certain colors evoke particular emotions, but are you aware of what each color gives off? Kustra starts off by describing the science behind each color and what they portray.  She also goes on by talking about color harmony and the different types you can use to help your images be more appealing. If you haven't color-calibrated your monitor yet, she also talks about what she uses and how important it is to calibrate yours. Before the ending of the video, Kustra even does a demonstration of how she approaches color grading her work and the reasoning behind it.

How many of you look at the color before planning or taking photos? Are you consciously thinking about color or just going off instinct of what looks good? 

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Alex Yakimov's picture

Fantastic video. One of the best YT vids on color theory and in general. Joanna Kustra is an awesome lector.

Brian Knight's picture

I watched this last week before being posted here. I find it to be quite fascinating. Easy to understand. A little harder to put into practice though.

Dan Ostergren's picture

I agree, it can be tough to implement at first. I think after a while though it becomes second nature.

Darryl De Wind's picture

Thanks so much for sharing this. Very clear, concise and inspiring - well done!