Make Photoshoot Scouting Easy With This Simple Phone Hack

Never forget where that perfect shooting spot is ever again! If you're like me, location scouting is something that is never an oversight. In previous articles, I've often written that preparation will make or break a photo shoot, it is essential. With that said, this simple and rather obvious hack that I discovered will make the preparation process that much easier! 

Location scouting is something that you can carve out a day for, or sometimes you may come across a perfect shooting spot unexpectedly. One item you'll likely always have with you is your smartphone. In case you've spontaneously come across a location, you'd want to shoot at, you usually would either make a mental note, write down the street, or have taken a photo on your phone. But in the video linked above, I will show you a trick that will perform all three tasks that I just mentioned. 

It's easy! All you have to do is: take a photo, click details, click on the address, and boom! Now you have directions to that very location that may have forgotten with out this simple tip! I know it may seem obvious, or that you may already know this, but I didn't even realize it until I tried this on a recent shoot! I'd like to mention that this was done on an iPhone and I'm not sure if this works for Android, if it does please let everyone know in the comments below!

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Michael Kuszla's picture

It's useful. But I prefer to use a dedicated app (such as Photopills or MapAPic) to give more infos to the photos & places: I can add tags, or more that one photo to a single place.

Anyway, dedicated app allow users to have a storage made for the app (sometimes a cloud too). It's pretty clever, because you don't have to search a place or a photo between the pics or your babies, your holidays, your selfie... And, for Photopills or MapApic, it allow users to notify them when they're close to a photographed place.

Paul Parker's picture

"Location Services" need to be switched on and you have to grant the camera app permission to record that data for this to work. I'm paranoid so I don't have that stuff switched on!

RaQuell Clark's picture

This does work for Android also.

Emily Miller's picture

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