A Quick Video on Using the Brenizer Method to Shoot Unique Portraits

Brenizer portraits are a fun and relatively easy way to create unique portraits that make the subject seem to pop right off the screen. This quick video will show you how to shoot them and the results you can expect.

Coming to you from Adorama TV, this awesome video will quickly show you how to take bokeh panoramas, more commonly known as the Brenizer method, named after Wedding Photographer Ryan Brenizer. What's unique about this method is that it gives you a way to create shallow depth of field with a relatively wide angle of view, mimicking the look of medium and large format cameras. It's not particularly hard to do either, and with a little practice, you can nail it every time. A personal tip I would add is that while you need to move quickly when you're shooting the series of images to minimize subject movement, be careful that you stop and steady the camera for each frame. I messed up my first few attempts at Brenizer portraits because I kept moving the camera without stopping, and at my typical portraiture shutter speeds, this resulted in way too much motion blur for an acceptable shot. 

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Yup. Let's pick a short model, put her in the middle of the park, and make her look very small. Like miniature small. Sounds like a great idea.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Johnny Rico's picture

I think he over did it? Something about this example seems extremely unnatural, and I've shot my fair share of full chip MF wide open.

Joe Maurici's picture

Nice tip, I like the technique. Thank you

Internet photographers are just too obsessed with shallow depth of field

Joshua Kolsky's picture

Yep, gotta get that bokeh, bokehlicious, #bokeh, creamy bokeh....mmmmm bokeh. Ok im done.

yup ... i don't care ... shooting with my APS-C camera with shi**y sharp lens at lowest f/4 ... no bokeh for me :-D

Logan Sorenson's picture

Kinda looks like a doll was composited yeah?

Looks like marketing for Ant Man and the Wasp