Seven Lesser Known Lightroom Shortcuts

I've seen a lot of Lightroom tutorials and tips videos; most seem to cover the same few shortcuts. Mark Denney covers some great lesser known features in this video, including a tip for changing the spot removal selection I've never seen before. 

The format is very efficient, covering all the tips in under seven minutes. The tips include shortcuts to adjust the feather of brushes, a quick way to view a group of images, and an easy way to visualize Instagram crop lines. Most are keyboard shortcuts, but Denney does a good job of diving into what makes the shortcuts useful. Overall, the tips seem to be helpful in everyday work and cover the primary modules of Develop and Library.

One that I have found useful in combination with his develop shortcut for auto-setting the slider is a second double-click on the slider to clear what has been set. That combination of shortcuts provides a quick way to try out some different settings while easily jumping back to the default.

Lightroom Classic has a lot of depth, and picking up some of these shortcuts will definitely speed up any workflow in the software.

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Maximilian Sulzer's picture

Funny, "O" to show the overlay is probably my most used Lightroom shortcut. More interesting is, that you can change the color of the overlay with "Shift+O"

And some of the shortcuts presented simply don't work on my keyboard layout (qwertz). Shift + [ for example. Also shift+Mouse wheel would be a way easier way to change the feather size.

Also before after key doesn't work for me because there is no \ key (it would be AltGr + ß for me but that doesnt work). Even on the Adobe website i couldn't figure it out how to do it, because they also tell me to use \.

Try Ctrl+/ or Help->Library Module Shortcuts... (or whatever module you're currently in). That should display the shortcuts for your particular OS language/Keyboard.

Maximilian Sulzer's picture

Thanks, i didn't know there was a build in library.

Maybe it's because my laptop is set to English as default language, but even that library tells me shortcuts that are impossible with my keyboard.

And the key for "before after" is not even listed. I'm using Lightroom 6 and it seems that Shortcut doesn't exist in that version.

Zoli Tarnavölgyi's picture

Exactly, a lot of shortcut only works on original english keyboard and OS layout unfortunatelly. Would be a nice option to be able to edit all the shortcuts, like in PS! Hey, Adobe, do you hear me? :-D

user-206386's picture

This is my favorite LR shortcut: