Three Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are one of the most popular purchases for photographers these days, but is it better to buy a set or to simply make your own? This great video will give you three reasons why you should consider crafting your own customized set of Lightroom presets.

Coming to you from Mark Denney, this great video talks about three reasons to consider building your own set of Lightroom presets. Personally, the most convincing reason when I made my own set was efficiency. I found that I was applying similar starting adjustments to almost every photo I imported into Lightroom, and it was silly to manually apply them, them copy and paste them across an entire set. By creating my own presets for landscapes, events, people, and more, I could tell Lightroom to apply the same settings to every photo during the import process, saving me a lot of time and making my life easier when I sat down to a set of photos that were already well on the way to looking the way I like. They also make it much easier to keep your portfolio looking consistent. Check out the video above for more on the topic. 

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michaeljin's picture

I guess if you take photos that are similar enough all the time it makes sense.

Raymond Casey's picture

Great - many thanks :-)

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I believe that everyone should have their own set, it is very important during the active demand for the Internet profession to stand out from the competition. Recently read an article on a similar topic on the website of a digital Agency ( It was said that it is easier for a photographer or designer to do it than for a SEO specialist or a programmer. So be sure to create your own sets

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Checkout, is a great starting point for developing your own editing style