Tutorial: How to Make a Gimbal Hyperlapse Video

Hyperlapse is a variant of time-lapse where the camera moves between each shot in order to bring motion to the video sequence. The result is visually impressive, but this technique requires a high degree of precision and concentration. Furthermore, the entire process is tedious and time consuming. But thanks to the recent progress of gimbal stabilization, anyone can now produce decent hyperlapse with an entry-level gimbal. Photographer Matthew Vandeputte from Sydney shows us how to create an easy hyperlapse with a $550 gimbal.

Vandeputte uses a Canon 5D Mark III mounted on the popular Zhiyun-Tech Crane 2 (see Fstoppers' review here). One of the critical steps to give a smooth look to the video is to use a strong neutral density filter. The filter allows to set a long shutter speed even in bright daylight. Another key point to obtain a stable video is to balance the camera correctly on the gimbal, otherwise the motors can generate abrupt angle correction and ruin the sequence.

Finally, the tutorial covers the postproduction phase in After Effects. Indeed, an extra level of software stabilization is necessary to remove the last bit of vibration in the footage. For more information about this tutorial, please visit Vandeputte's website.

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Lor Wor's picture

Very interesting. Good vid.

product link is wrong. Here is the one in the video with 7lb payload https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1359107-REG/zhiyun_tech_crane_2_3...

Oliver Kmia's picture

Thanks. I fixed the link.

Sam Tibbs's picture

Solid video, it actually helped me think of a few little things that I can implement in my own videos.

Oliver Kmia's picture

You can also check Vandeputte's youtube channel. He has a lot of tutorials there.