Two Helpful Shortcuts to Make Photoshop's Clone Stamp Tool More Useful

The Clone Stamp is the bread and butter tool for a lot of photographers, and rightfully so: it's a tremendously flexible and powerful feature that's strikingly simple in its operation, particularly compared to many other tools. This helpful video shows you a couple of quick shortcuts to get even more versatility out of the Clone Stamp.

I love the Clone Stamp; I use it for a huge proportion of my retouching. I personally think it's the quickest and easiest ways to do a lot of touch-up work, and with some careful attention to things like brush hardness and blending mode, it can convincingly handle a wide range of situations. This short tutorial from Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect shows you two quick shortcuts to increase its versatility: changing the angle of the area being painted on and changing its size. Using a different angle can be great for wavy patterns like fabric, while changing the size can be used for a multitude of purposes; just pay attention to the resolution of the cloned piece to make sure it doesn't become too blurry from being overly enlarged. The Clone Stamp actually has a high degree of customizability in its dedicated dialog, and it's worth checking out the options. You can see Dinda's full-length tutorial on it here.

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Felix Wu's picture

Such a good tip. There are too many tricks in PS that I would never find out otherwise.

Peter Gargiulo's picture

Ah, I knew there HAD to be a keystroke chord to do this! Thank you!

John de la Bastide's picture

Great tip by a great teacher.

Jared Wolfe's picture

Wow. Been using PS for years and never knew these tricks. Definitly would have come in handy. I have certainly gotten by without but these would have made my life sooo much easier.

Samuel Tessier's picture

Useful tip but I tried it on my iMac and it's nor working... Any more tips for mac users ?

Alexandre Caillé's picture

It seems that it's work only with english keyboard, not french, german....

David Pine's picture

Excellent presentation!

Jim Falgout's picture

Great job!!

Ione Ascanio green's picture

1st trick is awesome! I wish I had known that earlier! 2nd trick says you gotta press alt+shift+ [ or ] but you an do the same without pressing alt+shift. When in clone stamp, brush or whatever you simply press [ or ] and it will increase or decrease the size of the brush, making it quicker, faster and simpler. ;-)