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1.82 - "Needs Work" 

Teton Creek running high after a storm. Shot with a Nikon D5500 with a Yongnou 35m and ND filter. ƒ/18/1s/ISO 100

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I think that the broken log on the right was meant to add to the image and maybe be seen as resilient against the rushing water, but to me it seems like it's blocking the stream, which to me is the subject. I like the idea of having something sticking out of the water, but if that's the goal I personally would like to at least see where it sticks out and where the interaction between it and the water is occurring.

I think you are right that you are right about seeing the base of the trunks. it was a difficult shot to get because those logs are actually tree trunks on an island created from the creek running high. You are right though I think if the top of the image was at the top of the water and the base of logs was in frame it would work much better. Thank you for the feedback!

Andrew, I hope you'll allow me to provide some constructive comments. In my opinion, I think there are a couple basic issues with this photo to address. The first is composition and the second is exposure. While I understand the effort you put into capturing the water in motion, which I believe you did successfully, I think you've missed some of the basics of both the composition and exposure. The exposure for the non-liquid aspects of this image might easily be corrected in Lightroom, but on this image, the composition is lacking. We all blow it occasionally, where we think it's going to be a great shot, but sometimes it just isn't and developing a good sense of what composition works and doesn't is critical... especially for a competition image. If the central logs weren't in this shot, and it were cropped appropriately, at least the image could follow the rule of 3rds as a starting point, then the issues with the exposure might be better addressed. Keep trying and I hope these comments are helpful; we all start somewhere, and I applaud your efforts with the ND filters.

Derek I don't men this to be rude but I find your criticism vague. What would you like to see done with the exposure? The shot is meant to have a gloomy feel and was quite gloomy at the time, If I haven't managed to capture that properly I would like to learn where I went wrong.What would be the appropriate crop? Personally I don't see this as an actual competition considering that the prize is just a tutorial, the primary purpose of submitting a photo is to make it onto the critique which isn't predicated on having a high rating. I'm submitting so I can get informative critiques which is why I submitted photos I feel I need a critique on. I am trying new things with composition and in post with this Image nad i get that those things may not work but id like to know why.

Hi Andrew, I just tried to provide some commentary so you would have at least some indication of what I, at least, looked at in determining the rating & If you're happy with your image, that's all that really counts.