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2.43 - "Needs Work" 

moonbow under Yosemite Falls

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Great photo. I think some post processing adjustment could add more appeal, without needing to overdo it.

Thanks! What would you recommend doing? Pretty new to Lightroom / photography in general

Nice shot! I'd maybe think about giving it a bit more breathing space at the top, it feels a bit claustrophobic up there for me. But otherwise this has a nice feel to it.

Like I should have panned up? or zoomed out? Thanks for the advice!

Not sure which would work better. Maybe a bit of both, or you could try shooting vertical. Not sure though.

A lot of the image is a bit dark. If you brought up your low/mid range, you would get a better view of the trees and rock detail, and bring out some of their color too. Fiddle with the "shadows" slider and maybe the exposure slider, and try to preserve the "crisp" contrast.

The crop is pretty good. I agree that the top could be less crowded if you have more sky available, but the bigger you make the picture, the smaller your rainbow becomes, so that is a trade off. Really, it is very personal and you should try to fiddle with the varaibles to find what you like.

Another idea would be to use some distortion correction to spread the top out a little. Part of the reason it looks crowded at the top is that the two mountain walls are learning towards eachother. Doing so would flatten the rainbow however. Again, you gotta try it out and see what you like.

Would you mind if I pm'd you a quick edit? Appreciate the help regardless, thanks! Or the raw not really sure how to edit haha

sure, either way.