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1.75 - "Needs Work" 

For people who thinks it is a snapshot, can you tell me what can be done to improve this image ? (or if you think that this image has no potential at all).

Thank you for your review, even the tough one !

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Definitely not a snapshot and it has a lot of potential. I would crop up the bottom 1/4 - 1/3. Even though the image has a lot of negative space that works I think that bottom part is lacking in interest and not helping the image. I would aslo shoot the picture with the woman more to the left in the frame to help lead the eye through the picture.

Interesting location though, to get that kind of an angle and distance from the sand dune.

I agree. I would crop the bottom portion until the textures start in the water. Also having the person centered makes my eye go there and stop..theres nothing else to look at.

I'm also curious how it would look in B/W since color really plays no role in this. It might help bring out textures and contrast.

I find the color in the top half o be the most appealing part of this image.

Thanks Jorge Gonzalez ! Now that you say it, b&w would be perfect, kind of relaxing. Will try it on another platform, thanks anyway !

Thanks Danial McCoy for your advices, I will try to make it in practice next time I'll face the same situation ;) Would you think I should crop the sky as well ?

For information, it was shot in Mont St michel, where you have a view of people going around by foot in lower tide.

I feel it is almost a snapshot, to change that I suggest a wide shot with the bottom of the image right above the person. The figure is a distraction from a beautiful landscape. Most importantly selecting a time to shoot that would ad some color would make this clearly not a snapshot, a sunrise or sunset would add some beautiful color.

Thanks Andrew Muhlbeier four your honest feedback ! What do you mean by the figure ? The person itself or her reflexion ?

The person ate such a distance I don't feel as if it adds to the picture, It looks like someone just happened to be standing there and you didn't want to wait for them to be gone.