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3.36 - "Solid" 

A beautiful sunset on the California coast. I spent a while trying to get away from the crowds at this popular Southern California location and finally settled on this composition which allowed for me to get the sun star as well as an awesome foreground. I was originally drawn to the rock in the foreground and all of the interest it provides with the plant life covering it. Next, I just waited for the perfect set of waves and fired away. Enjoy!

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Daniel Gomez's picture

I dont know who the f#$% gave you below a 3 but they are probably the same eyeless monster that goes through and gives other great photos 1 star out of pure spite lol. Great shot, fantastic exposure time and processing!

Rob Eakins's picture

Haha thanks. Lee Morris and Patrick Hall were talking about people rating low on purpose because they give away a free tutorial for the highest rated image. Somehow people think rating other images low somehow will make their image better and magically everyone will rate it higher..... oh well. One of my all time favorite images regardless of what some strangers rate it! Thanks for the compliment though!

Danny Phillips's picture

I agree! This is a killer shot.

Rob Eakins's picture
Justin Ward's picture

I love the movement of the water and the composition. What aperture was this shot at? I'm trying to figure out why the top half of image looks soft. I'm assuming it is upload quality but wanted to verify.

Rob Eakins's picture

I would have to go back and check because I honestly don't remember. The softness is from a couple of things; first it was high tide and the waves were nuts which created a lot of mist in the air which kind of glows when the light was hitting it and then secondly, some softness from post where orton effect was added.

Justin Ward's picture

Cool. Thank you for digging into it more.

Rob Eakins's picture

F13 btw